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Mom Arrested For Driving With Kids Inside Inflatable Pool On Roof

The unfortunate reality of summertime is that we hear more and more stories of parents endangering their children by leaving them in stifling hot cars with the windows rolled up, subjecting them to suffer in the harsh summer heat.

But in this particular case, the endangerment didn't happen inside the car. Rather, it happened on top of one and also simultaneously inside an inflatable pool, giving a new and dangerous definition to the word "carpool."

An Illinois mom was stopped by police after she was spotted cruising down the road with a blue inflatable pool on her roof.

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While this alone is certainly an unusual sight, it was the fact that this pool wasn't empty that compelled one concerned citizen to alert local authorities.

According to NBC News, Dixon police pulled over the white Audi Q5, atop which the driver had placed her two young daughters inside the inflatable pool.

Apparently, the family had just left a friend's house where the pool had first been inflated.

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Of course, we all know how tricky those things are to inflate and deflate. So naturally, in an effort to save herself some time and trouble, 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeager placed the pool on the roof of her car.

But that still left the problem of inevitable wind, because even the biggest inflatable pool is no match against a heavy breeze, especially if it's on top of a car cruising down the highway. So what's the solution? Well, according to Yeager, it's as easy as hoisting your daughters up into said pool for a little life-threatening rooftop joyride.

No, seriously, that's the real reason she gave police as to why her kids were riding in an inflatable pool on the roof of her car.

In an official statement from Dixon Police, they said Yeager insisted the daughters were inside that empty pool "to hold it down on their drive home."

Call me crazy, but wouldn't rope have solved the same problem? Or bungee cords? Or, I don't know, simply deflating the pool?

Of course, despite her airtight reasoning, Yeager was arrested and charged with two counts of child endangerment.

Dixon Police Department

She was also charged with two counts of Reckless Conduct, and cited for failure to secure a passenger of the age of 8 and under the age of 16. She was taken to the Dixon Police

Department where she was then released after posting bond.

h/t: NBC News.

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