'Mulan': China Is Worried That The Live-Action Movie Won't Hold Up The Legend

Alright, alright, alright! It looks like we're going to be talking the live-action remake of Mulan today, folks.

And what a certain country is going to think of it...



It is one of Disney's renaissance's biggest hits.

It has a place in the hearts and minds of every person who has ever typed the phrase "only '90s kids will get this" on the internet.

And now it's becoming a live film.


As they have done several times before, our clever and wise masters at Disney have decided to remake this property in live action form.

Alright, so the trailer came out...


Yes! We've been subject to the first few images detailing what the live-action Mulan might look like.

The plot seems to be relatively the same, at least at the beginning...

But not as you get further into the trailer.


They seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on war and battle parts in this version.

In the animated version, that lasted about ten minutes.

And it won't be a musical.


Which means we won't be hearing "I'll Make A Man Out Of You", "Honor To Us All" or "Reflection".

Which... you know, kind of sucks.

Oh yeah, and...


There have been rumors that because of the movie's seemingly more serious tone, there won't be any silly moments and elements, such as a talking dragon. So no Mushu.

Which is an interesting decision.

Reactions have been... mixed.

Some have been good and some have been... not so good.

While I think we should give the movie a chance, not everyone is as excited as I am.

Some Chinese fans, however, were baffled that we even cared about Mushu.


They weren't even sad about the songs not being included!

They have different fears.

Let's talk about Sixth Tone.


Sixth tone is a Shanghai United Media Group publication that reported all of the information about Chinese Weibo users (also known as the Chinese Twitter).

They said...


That one user tweeted, or, er, Weibo'ed that all they:

"care about whether Hua Mulan looks charming and whether the film accurately reflects Chinese culture and Mulan’s perseverance".

The legend Of Hua Mulan is one that is revered in China.


A lot of people have enjoyed telling and hearing the story for decades.

And believe it or not, there's no talking dragon in this legend.

At first Chinese viewers were worried about the fact that Liu Yifei was cast as the titular character.


Apparently, she didn't have the right look for the character.

However there are still some users on Weibo that are holding reservations.


And some are thinking that the movie might be a little too serious and that it won't be a light affair like the original.

But it's not all bad.


A lot more on Weibo are excited about the movie. One user even Weibo'ed (Weeted?) that:

"After seeing the trailer… I know that Mulan will probably be my favorite Disney live-action movie."

What do you think?


Do you think the live-action remake is going to be cool?

Or do you think it's just another attempt for Disney to grab some of that sweet, sweet nostalgia cash?