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People Think That The Queen 'Snapped' At Her Lady In Waiting In New Video

The Queen is known for all things prim, proper, and polite.

Now, it looks like we can add "expert shade-thrower" on that list.

And it's all due to this recent video of what looks like her "snapping" at her help.


Ladies and 'gents: the Queen has still got it.

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The 93-year-old just proved that age has no limits during a visit to the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in Cambridge.

She was there to celebrate their 100-year anniversary by planting a tree.

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According to the Telegraph, the Queen was told that she could just cover the roots of the tree or have someone else do the work for her.

Instead, she replied: "No, no, I’m still perfectly capable of planting a tree"

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Yass Queen!

The 93-year-old then proceeded to scoop three piles of dirt.

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Afterward, she handed back the shovel as a very impressed crowd began applauding.

"She wasn’t scheduled to plant the tree, it was just to supervise the planting,” Tina Barsby, the chief executive of NIAB, told reporters.

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"But she handed her handbag to her someone and seized the spade. She obviously wanted to do it!”

While there, the Queen also had other duties.

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She learned all about the work that the NIAB does.

This included meeting with those involved to discuss emerging research to improve crop health.

Fun fact: the Queen planted her tree on the *exact* same site as her grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary.

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They were there almost a century ago, planting a mulberry tree.

They also signed the visitor books of the NIAB.

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Her Majesty had quite the family moment by seeing their signatures for herself.

That's not even all of it.

Thanks to the video of her planting the tree, people also believe they witnessed the Queen low-key snapping at her lady-in-waiting.

Let's be honest, though; it was more like high-key.

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It all started when the Queen made her way over to where the tree would be planted.

You could see that she was sizing that tree up.

We imagine she was reciting words of motivation to herself like this.

Right before she showed the world how tree-planting is really done, she realized something.

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Duh, her purse was still in her hands!

The Queen held out the purse for her lady-in-waiting for what felt like forever.

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"Can you take this?" the Queen said curtly. "Because I can't do both."

We imagine the lady-in-waiting's face must have turned as bright pink as the Queen's outfit.

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Based on the Queen's reaction to her lady-in-waiting, people now think that she snapped at her.

Thing is: people love her sassiness (and her hidden strengths).

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From planting a tree at 93 to keeping her help in check, the Queen just proved that she can do anything.

She may not have planted the whole tree herself, but she did more than most 93 year-olds!

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So impressive.

"She is one extraordinary amazing woman," someone wrote online.

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"Awesome woman our Queen," another added.

Is the Queen a vampire? 'Cuz now some people even think she's immortal.

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Maybe she'll enlist in a CrossFit class next!

This isn't the first time Queen Elizabeth has proven she's a total BAMF.

She's seen and done quite a lot in her day.

When she was just 18, she served in World War II.

She's actually the only female royal to ever serve in the military.

She joined the women's Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Even when the war first broke out in 1939, she had begged her father to let her join the war efforts.

It wasn't until 1945 that she joined and was trained to be a truck driver and mechanic.

We'll let this image speak for itself.


Total BAMF.

For more, check out this video to witness the scandalous "snapping" moment for yourself!

Do you think the Queen was throwing shade?

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