12+ Photos That Prove Moms Should Think Twice About Leaving The Kids With Dad

Most moms feel a bit of anxiety when they have to be away from their kids. It's totally normal. But there's no need to worry if dad's in charge, right?

Well, these photos will either confirm your fears or put you at ease, depending on how you look at them. At least you'll get a laugh out of these photos, too.

This little guy who magically got abs like a true warrior.

Instagram l @tactical_leonid

Don't leave your kids home unless you want them to turn into a Spartan warrior.

No napkins, no problem.

Instagram l @thaitaniumdk

Dads definitely don't believe in using napkins or cleaning up after the spaghetti mess.

Nothing funnier than fake baby facial hair.

Facebook l Erik Nielsen

Just give me an eyeliner pencil and some time and I'll make every expression in the book.

Dad lets us wear whatever we want, even karate headbands.

Instagram l @currymel

We eat breakfast in front of the TV and wear our own outfit choices when dad's around.

Clearly, dad doesn't know front from back.

Instagram l @breadpat

Zippers go on the front, dad, not the back.

Googly-eye glasses and witch hats for the win.

Instagram l @francescoandreapoletti

Rain or shine, dad knows that what a girl wants, a girl gets.

While the baby naps, dad sets her pose.

Reddit l colmackay81

The picture-perfect moment to send mom to say that everything is going smoothly.

Cleaning? Not under dad's watch.

Instagram l @larsedale

Why would dad ever stop for a moment to clean up the toys already used? Not in this house.

This is how to put the diaper on, right?

Reddit l u/PeanutBrettle

Don't worry, we know what we're doing here... I think.

Dad's favorite movie comes alive...miniature sized.

Reddit l mikerockitjones

Forget the cute onesies, dad knows Wayne and Garth are way better than any cute outfit you've been gifted.

Dad's got baby moves.

I could watch this all day.

Snapchat filters are way better than regular pictures.

Instagram l @instalojciec

Dads know that sending photos with Snapchat filters will totally ruin mom's day thinking there's something wrong. But, it's equally hilarious.

No bad hair days here!

Instagram l @minibabe_d

Obviously, dad has gotten he whole hairstyle thing down pat, with or without mom's help.

Pita face ninja warrior.

Reddit l olivierbonnetc

Clearly, dad knows that a pita mask is better than any other mask you can find.

Don't worry mom, everything is fine.

Reddit l u/chlor8

What better way to scare your wife than to pretend you're cooking the baby for lunch?

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