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These Extreme Close Ups Of Insects Are Both Stunning And Scary All At Once

I'm not going to lie, I really don't like bugs. I love that they, like, exist and help the environment and stuff, but even from far away they wig me out. Stick bugs and praying mantises? I'm shivering just thinking about them. And don't get me started on lady bugs...

Even though I'm a bug hater, I have to say, these macro shots are pretty stunning to look at even if they make me feel a bit weird.

Alexander Mett is the photographer behind these intense bug close ups.

I don't even know what bug this is, but I love its colors!

I never knew their eyes looked like speakers.

I wonder what kind of music this spider would play out of its eyes?

Alexander's macro shots give us a whole different perspective of nature just doing its thing.

He actually captured a spider catching its dinner. That's absolutely wild.

His photos make it look like you're having a casual staring competition with an insect.

I'm not sure if that actually helps the situation, but you can't deny that these photos are absolutely stunning to look at.