10+ Mistakes You Missed In 'Doctor Who' But Now You Won't Unsee

Alrighty then! It seems that today we'll be doing some Dr. Who mistakes. Mistakes, that, apparently, you'll be unable to unsee.

So, if you're content with your Dr. Who viewing as of now, I suggest you turn off– too late it's already happening!

1. In front or behind?


So in this scene, William Hartnell looks across the set and sees Matt Smith in front of this console... or was it behind?

Oh, all this jumping around time and space is so confusing!

2. Rose's Age


In the episode "Missing Person" there is a poster for Rose.

It's dated March 6th, 2005, and it claims she's 19 years old, which means she was born in 1986. However, in "Father's Day" Rose is a newborn baby in 1987.

3. Where's The Psychograft?


Alright, so in the episode where Cassandra traps Rose, for a split second right before ol' Cassie tries to possess Rose's body, the machine out of nowhere... well, goes nowhere.

Disappears, I mean.

4. Ida, the "Science Expert"


Well, if she's so much of an expert, why did she make a mistake! All credibility lost.

In the second season, in the episode entitled "The Impossible Planet" Ida mentions something about how a planet was in geostationary orbit around the black hole.

This can't be right...


Alright, get your sciencing pants on, people.

"Geostationary" is defined as a circular orbit that's positioned above Earth's equator and moving in the same direction as the Earth's rotation. Still with me here?



The planet can't be in geostationary orbit around the black hole, because it's technically in orbit around a gravitational field!

Haha! Bet you feel silly now, don't you Ida, you so-called scientist!

5. Oxygen Levels


During that very same episode (tsk, tsk), they descend into the planet's core and there's a meter showing their oxygen levels. One moment it says 39 percent, and the next... 42 percent.

Just in case you didn't catch on, it should be going down.

6. Quick Weather Changes


"The Family of Blood" an army of living scarecrows is approaching a boarding school, ready to fight. During one moment, Sister of Mine looks out the window and sees that it's pouring rain.

But when we look outside, there's not a drop in the sky!

7. Go, Go, Gadget...


Alright, so in the episode "Bad Wolf" the guys are all looking for Rose, but eventually get captured.

Once they try to escape, you can see Lynda reach for her gadgets... twice.

8. Martha The Ventriloquist


Alright, so during the episode "The Stolen Earth", Martha is talking to everyone while she's on her laptop.

She's talking, talking, but then suddenly the camera is behind her. She's still talking... but her lips aren't moving.

9. The Bucket Of Water


There's an episode called "Deep Breath" where the butler, Strax asks Clara if she needs anything.

She says "water" and Strax drops mop water in front of her. They bicker for a while, and then suddenly the bucket disappears.

10. Fake Humans And Rose


Okay so, in this episode called "New Earth" these artificially-grown humans that are infected by like every disease in the galaxy, these people who can hardly even walk... manage to keep up with Rose.

Maybe she's just really slow?

11. The Brooch


Alright, call me a nitpicker, but it's my job okay?

So there's one scene in the episode "The Bells of Saint John" where Miss Kizlet is wearing a brooch on her right. However, in the next shot, it's on her left!

12. The Final Auton


Okay, so in a season premiere, these things called Autons to make a final strike.

It's supposed to happen on "a busy London street" but in the final scene, the street doesn't look busy at all.

13. The Reflection


So there's this one scene in the episode "The Poison Sky" where you can totally see the crew in the reflection on the door to the Doctor's right.