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Lava Lamp Nails Are A Modern Blast From The Past And They're Groovy, Baby

Remember lava lamps? These fun psychedelic, intriguing, mesmerizing, and hot colorful mood lamps were all the rage in the late '60s. The novelty wore off in the '70s and '80s, but made it's revival in the late '90s and early '00s amid the Austin Powers hype.

Many of us millennial kiddos had these or wished for them every Christmas and birthday to no avail (a.k.a me). But, they're resurfacing once again the form of manicures because we love a good nostalgic moment.

Liam Peter is the nail artist behind the lava lamp nail design.

It's insanity how much they really look like lava lamps! I'm mind blown.

Then nail artist @rainbownails_ took it up a notch and actually somehow liquefied them.

These are so creative and work absolutely perfectly on long almond-shaped manicures.

Would you give these nails a try? Let us know!

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