10+ Details About These Classic Films That Will Leave You Seriously Bothered

Alright people, prepare yourselves for being disturbed. Here, I'll get you ready.


There you go. Just thinking about that word probably gave you the shivers. Well, these movies are gonna do that to you too.

1. 'Weekend At Bernies'.

This person brings up a pretty good point. At some time, that body must've started to rot and not one person smelled it.

Then again, they couldn't have done wacky things if it did.

2. 'Ray'.


Jaime Foxx glued his eyes shut for his performance in Ray.

Ew! God, ugh, just picturing it is making my eyes hurt... And get this, apparently, he would glue his eyes shut for 14 hours at a time while he was filming... Jeez!

3. 'Hercules'.

Greek mythology, especially Zeus' behavior, in general, is pretty gross.

Something tells me they wanted more of a good vs evil dynamic here and wanted to keep the adultery out of a kid's movie.

4. 'Candyman'.


Alright, so this next one isn't for you if you hate bees... in the iconic horror movie Candyman, Tony Todd (the guy who plays, well, Candyman) actually filled his mouth with bees for a scene!

5. 'Back To The Future'.

Yeah, wait a minute... and before Marty goes back in time, does George even save her from getting raped?

Or wait are we talking post-Marty? Because at that point, he's a servant.

6. 'Home Alone'.

In a weird moment of true method acting, Joe Pesci actually bit Macaulay Culkin during one Home Alone scene.

And apparently, he still has the scar to this day.

7. 'Friday The 13th'.

Yeah... I dunno about this one. I don't know how "sick" an 11-year-old serial killer would've been.

Personally, I would think it would be a lot less intimidating than an 8-foot monster of a man.

8. 'Dirty Dancing'.


Did you know that Patrick Swayze's character in Dirty Dancing was into underage girls?

Well, this is awkward. And hey, it's pretty gross too. Honestly, these aren't things you really think about until you have to write (or in your case, read) an article like this.

9. 'Wedding Crashers'.

Unfortunately, this is the case with a lot of movies and TV shows when it comes to men getting raped.

As long as it's not in prison, the sexual assault will often be played up for laughs.

10. 'Stand By Me'.


So, if South Park didn't convince you, Rob Reiner is kind of a jerk.

On the set of Stand By Me, he needed Will Wheaton and Jerry O’Connell to cry, so he told them they were doing awful.

11. 'Forrest Gump'.

Yeah, well, Jenny was the flipping worst anyways.

Sure, she had a bad upbringing and had a pretty bad life in general, but she only slept with Forrest after getting an incurable disease. Blech.

10. 'The Birds'.


During one of the scenes in Alfred Hitcock's The Birds, Tippi Hedren's character had a bunch of birds fly into her room and start attacking her.

Sounds pretty bad in the context of the movie, right?

The Birds (CONT).


Well, it was pretty awful in real life as well.

Apparently, Alfred Hitchcock not only tied birds to the actress' costume but actually had the crew throw live birds at her as well. Gross.

11. 'Zodiac'.


So actually, this gross thing was Robert Downey Jr's. doing. I know, right!

Anyways, on the set of Zodiac, he was so pissed about the long hours that he would leave jars of pee everywhere.

12. 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'.

Oh lord, there's a whole subreddit dedicated to hating on old Grandpa Joe... and their right to do it!

Lazy old man, laying around for years until something good happens to him...