Rami Malek Had A Very Special Condition Before He Signed On To Be The ‘Bond 25’ Villain

Alright, so today we're going to talk about the next Bond movie.

And no matter what the final product becomes, I'm sure it's Bon-delicious. This is why I get paid the big bucks, people.

Bond 25.


Oh yes, folks, this upcoming Bond movie is going to be a blast.

I mean, considering it's the 25th in the very, very long-running series, it's got to be good!

So what do we know?


Well, we know that Daniel Craig is going to be returning once again as James Bond. In fact, this will be his fifth time taking on the role, much to our delight.

Or should I say Bon-delight (god why am I like this)?

Ralph Fiennes will be M, the head of MI6 and Bond's boss.


Naomie Harris will be playing Eve Moneypenny, M's assistant and possibly someone for Bond to eventually make adult wrestling with?

Also, Also...


I'm going to assume that Jeffrey Wright will return as Felix Leiter, considering wikipedia says the movie will be about him asking Bond for some help in saving a scientist.

But wait...


There's more! Hold onto your seats, because this one's a screamer!

Wikipedia also says that:

"When it becomes apparent that the scientist was abducted, Bond must confront a danger the likes of which the world has never seen".

Léa Seydoux will return as Dr. Madeleine Swann.


A psychiatrist and a love interest for Bond.

And you better believe that she and Bond are going to do some adult wrestling.

And finally...


We know that Oscar winner Rami Malek will play "the film's primary antagonist", who I assume at this point in unnamed.

Which, of course, is very exciting indeed.

This is interesting...


Because the actor is just coming off of Bohemian Rhapsody where he played, at least in the public's eye, a pretty darn good guy.

So this shift must've been a lot.



Rami Malek had some conditions about the role before he joined in.

Obviously, if these conditions had not been met, we wouldn't be in the position we're in now, so thank go they were.

And what were these conditions?


Well, considering the fact that Mr. Malek is Egyptian-American, he didn't want to play a terrorist.

Which, honestly, is pretty fair. I would assume some people would want to typecast him in that role.

He says it best...


In an interview with The Daily Mail, Malek said about the role:

“It’s a great character and I’m very excited. But that was one thing that I discussed with Cary [Fukunaga, Bond 25‘s director]. I said, ‘We cannot identify him with any act of terrorism reflecting an ideology or a religion.

And if so...


Rami Malek wanted the director to "count [him] out".

Luckily, that wasn't the vision that the director had for the character, so Rami Malek happily agreed and joined onto the project.

In fact...


Rami Malek describes his character as " a very different kind of terrorist.”

What kind of terrorist remains to be seen, but I'm pretty darn excited to see what he means by that.

What do you think?


Should Malek have played a religious terrorist? Would that have been more indicative of our times? Or are you sick of seeing those kinds of characters in movies and TV?

I know I am.