A Fan Theory About Zendaya's Character On 'Euphoria' Has Made My Mind Explode

Oh yeah, you better believe my mind is blown.

Heck, I've been picking the pieces up from my bedroom floor for the last couple of hours. So, you know, wear a helmet or something.

So let's talk "Euphoria"


This is the show all the cool kids on the playground have been talking about recently.

It's been described by some as "Skins on steroids", which, you know, sounds pretty darn cool.

And it's not hard to see why...


The HBO show, which premiered about a month ago, is all about sex, drugs, violence and that trademark HBO nudity.

So obviously the cool kids on the playground have been talking about it.

I mean...


When your pilot features an overdose from the main character, and then your second episode features an astounding 30 penises in a locker room scene, you're bound to catch some attention.

And the third episode...


I hate to keep gushing about all the X-Rated stuff in this show, but it's fun to talk about.

Anyways, the third episode featured a micropenis and a pretty raunchy scene between two One Direction members.

So yeah...


The show has people, especially those cool kids on the playground, talking.

But, like any HBO show worth its salt, the show has it's fair share of fan theories as well.

Let's talk about Rue.


She is the main character of the series, and she is also played by America's Sweetheart Zendaya.

Although honestly, the character herself isn't really all that much of a sweetheart.



Fans of the show have been buzzing about a certain theory that's been around since theories began. Can you guess what it is?

Maybe Rue is actually going to die via Jaimie Lannister?


But death was a good guess! Apparently, some people on Twitter think that Rue has been dead since the first episode and has been narrating her story from...

Beyond the grave...

Check out this tweet...

I mean, how else would she be the all-knowing narrator if she wasn't dead?

You: She could just be telling the story from the future, Jake

My Mature Response: ShE cOuLd JuSt Be TeLlInG tHe StOrY fRoM tHe FuTuRe, JAkE

Well, how about this!


How does she know all the intimate details about all her friends?

Surely she wouldn't know everything that was going on in the lives of Jules, Nate, Kat, etc.

And what about this!


She's also an unreliable narrator.

Which, of course, you could chalk up to her being a drug abuser or you could chalk up to the fact that she's a dead person.

And also...


Okay, let's go all the way back to episode one, where after describing her time in her mother's womb, she says,

"I put up a good fight, but I lost, for the first time, but not the last.”

Could she be referencing...


The fact that she tried to fight her addiction, but in the end lost. And by lost, I mean that she died because of it and is now telling the story from...

Beyond The Grave!!!!

And finally...


In episode 3, her friends confront Rue about “killing herself". Could this be a reference to the fact that she will eventually die and tell the story from...

Yeah, you get it.

What do you think?


Do you think Rue is dead and telling the story from... the afterlife.

Or are these just the insane predictions of Twitter users everywhere? Twitter users? Insane? There's no way in heck!