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Jenelle Evans Is Under Fire For Shady Comments About Amber Portwood's Arrest

It definitely has not been a quiet summer for Jenelle Evans, but that's not necessarily an uncommon occurrence for the Teen Mom star. Aside from her own recent custody battles, Jenelle has also decided to lend her commentary to the recent arrest of former co-star Amber Portwood.

Jenelle was just recently awarded custody of her children after a lengthy court case.

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The children were initially removed from her care after her husband, David Eason, allegedly shot and killed their family dog Nugget after an incident involving their youngest daughter Ensley.

Jenelle's husband recently made headlines after a 911 call leaked to the public.

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The 911 call was on Jenelle's mother, Barbara, who had custody at that time of two of Jenelle's children. Eason claimed Barbara had locked their two year old daughter in her bedroom and was unable to get her back out.

Of course, Jenelle isn't the only 'Teen Mom' star going through some legal drama lately.

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Jenelle's former co-star and frequent feuder Amber Portwood was just arrested on domestic battery charges.

Jenelle had some thoughts on this issue.

Jenelle shared a few articles on her Twitter page.

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Jenelle shared a few articles about Amber's arrest, including some that implied Amber's son may have been in danger.

Jenelle also tweeted this a few minutes after the news of Amber's arrest broke.

Fans of the show immediately thought Jenelle was being shady towards Amber's recent situation, and they of course took to their own Twitter pages to call her out on it.

Some fans thought Jenelle should wait until her own drama clears before passing judgment.

Amber seemed to agree with that sentiment, considering shortly after Jenelle's tweet, she shared a link to an article about Jenelle's recent custody case and 911 call.

Some thought she should stay out of it entirely.

Jenelle is no stranger to legal troubles herself, having been arrested more than ten times since 2010. Like this Twitter user, some people felt Jenelle had no room to talk.

Jenelle then sent off this tweet.

Jenelle may have learned from some of her past mistakes, but the lesson about not getting into online fights with fellow Teen Mom stars seems to have bypassed her this time.