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Another Person Has Been Arrested For Licking Ice Cream And Putting It Back

Many of us can recall our parents asking us if we'd jump off a bridge just because our friends did it before us. Oftentimes, this was after our friends managed to drag us into the trouble they were causing.

Still, even in those impressionable moments, our friend hadn't faced the consequences for what they did when they asked us to join them. It's not like we watched them get detention and thought, "Boy, that looks like fun. I better do exactly what they did!"

However, it seems that's exactly how we can describe the situation that unfolded after one man posted a video with a familiar scene depicted in it.

You may recall that a little over a week ago, a woman was featured in a video where she licked the contents of a tub of ice cream and then put it back into the freezer.

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What you may not know, however, is that once she pulled this stunt, she found herself facing charges of tampering with a consumer product, which is punishable of up to two years imprisonment in Texas.

You would think that the backlash would serve as an example.

But alas, when someone gets any type of social media attention, even if it's negative, there are bound to be copycats.

It's doubtful that 36-year-old Lenise Martin III of Napoleonville, Louisiana was aware of the legal part of the story.

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Otherwise, it seems unlikely that he would have uploaded a video of himself on Facebook where he similarly licked a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a local grocery store.

In this case, it seems that he was trying to up the ante, as he also pokes his finger into the tub.

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He then digs some ice cream out with this finger and licks it before going in once again to lick the tub directly.

Of course, much as it was for the woman in the original video, the problem was that he put it back in the freezer right after.

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And although The Houston Chronicle reported a reason why Martin would not expect to face serious consequences for these actions, this part was enough to get him in trouble.

So what was so different about Martin's actions?

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When police arrived at the grocery store, they found Martin showing a sales receipt to a clerk after a manager caught Martin's licking spree.

Turns out, this case wasn't as bad as the last.

This receipt showed that Martin had actually purchased the ice cream he licked and a search of the freezer by deputies of the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office confirmed this fact.

Regardless, Martin was still arrested and charged with property tampering and posting criminal activity.

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In Louisiana, the first charge falls under the umbrella of criminal mischief, which means Martin faces a possibility of a $500 fine, six months imprisonment, or both.

It should be noted that these are the maximum punishments for this charge.

As outlined above, another issue comes from the fact that Martin uploaded the licking footage.

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This carries the same punishment as the criminal mischief charge in Louisiana, but it's unknown how the two charges will be dealt with in court if he's found guilty of either of them.

Regardless, it seems unlikely that copying the original video would feel particularly worth the trouble now.

That said, the fact that Martin actually bought the ice cream in question instead of leaving it at the store will likely have a positive effect on the results of his case.

Can we um, stop licking grocery store food please?


I just want to buy ice cream without the fear that someone else's DNA is all over it, you feel me? We're better than this. Or at least, I hope we are.

h/t: The Houston Chronicle