When This Immigrant Got A Rude Job Rejection Email, His Daughter Took The HR Guy To Task

"Non-English speakers really have it hard bc my dad just got rejected from this job offer," Emily wrote on Twitter, "and the email literally stated 'Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you Home.'" 

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Apparently, this was only a sliver of what they'd experienced, as Emily said, "all of Bruce’s emails we’re also very unprofessional & passive aggressive."

And sure, it's common to require some degree of English fluency for a lot of jobs. But there's no need to be a jerk about it.

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Mind you, Emily's dad wasn't "that hurt" by it, she said.

As Emily explained, he "doesn't fully understand the concept of someone not hiring him for his lack of English when he has more experience than most people."

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Which, again, is a struggle lots of immigrants face — even truck drivers with 13 years of experience, like Emily's dad. But he's working on it, and he kept a surprisingly upbeat attitude about it all.

Still, one of Emily's followers took it upon themselves to contact the company on her behalf.

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One even found an attorney willing to represent their case for free.

However, Emily explained that her dad just wanted to move on and get better at English.

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She even shared a picture of the notebook he keeps to teach himself new words every day.

Even without legal action, Emily got results. Shortly after the company had been contacted about the degrading job rejection, she and her dad received this e-mail.

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Looks like Emily's dad isn't the only one looking for work now.

The difference? Because Emily shared her experience on Twitter, people were reaching out with job interview offers right and left.

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They could spot a hardworking man and wanted to give him a fair shake.

To his credit, Bruce, the HR guy, admitted his mistakes and apologized to Emily and her dad.

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And showing what a good guy he is, her dad forgave him, hoping the whole episode could be a learning experience.

Sadly, a lot of people could relate to Emily and her dad.

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They have faced, and continue to face, the same struggles.

And knowing that she and her dad were far from the only ones facing this kind of obstacle, she went out of her way to express her thanks to all the kind strangers on Twitter.

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Yes, apparently there are kind strangers on Twitter! Who knew?

Bruce's rudeness came back to bite him in the end, which is exactly how karma should work.

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Now here's hoping that some of those interviews work out for Emily's dad!