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Ariana Grande Responds To Worried Fans After Breaking Down On Stage

Our princess Ari has been working HARD lately, you guys. Sis is finally close to completing the North American leg of her "Sweetener" tour and in just a few days, she will hopefully be able to take some time for her damn self.

How do I know she needs time for her damn self? It's called having eyes, sweetie.

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I can SEE the suffering, as can any Ari fan who even slightly keeps up with our gorl!!!

Ari literally has a countdown on her Instagram story for when she will be home with her dogs again.

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Which is honestly, a schmood.

But as a true performance ARTISTE, Ari has given fans an iconic show every night while on the road.

And guys like, no offence but I would know as I saw her just a few weeks ago in Toronto and it was epic and life changing.

While on tour, Ari has had a few moments that have left fans wondering if their queen is truly ready to be on the road so much!

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It all started when Ari gave tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller during the opening night of her tour back in March.

Ari then broke down in tears on stage last month while singing "thank u, next" in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The line in th song dedicated to Mac is of course, "I wish I could say thank you to Malcolm/ 'Cause he was an angel."

Ari also opened up about her struggle with PTSD in an emotional Instagram story.

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She wrote, "I love science and seeing the physical reality of what's going on in there was incredible to me. Someday, when I'm more healed up, we can talk more about it."

On top of that, Ari had to cancel two shows in Florida due to being diagnosed with an adult-onset tomato allergy which caused her to get super sick.

Ugh, gorl!

SO YEA NEEDLESS TO SAY, Ari fans are watching out for their queen.

They friggen love her, okay??? What can I say?!

This love was shown when Ari announced her album "Thank U, Next" was the first album of 2019 to go Platinum!

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"so incredibly grateful," she wrote

"thank you so much listening and for loving something that was quite hard (but also v fun at times ) to make."

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Ari concluded, "thank you for showing me that i’m not alone in the events that have caused me pain and that it’s okay to share and open up sometimes."

Of course "Thank U, Next" came after the death of Mac Miller and her very public break-up from Pete Davidson.

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This album was clearly a passion project that connected with millions around the world <3

Well a few nights ago, fans got another reason to worry about their pop princess when Ari started crying uncontrollably during her performance of "R.E.M" from her "Sweetener" album.

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Which BTW is an absolute fat banger if you haven't listened already!!!!

A fan posted this video of Ari crying during her performance in St. Louis and it's TBH so sad :(

She's struggling to get through the lines, "Before you speak, don’t move / ’Cause I don’t wanna wake up.”

Ari fans immediately took to Twitter to express their concerns for their kween.

"she needs time to grieve and to collect herself," one fan wrote.

"She needs to rest and positive vibes only," said another.

It's so awful to see her cry!

However, Ari released a (since deleted) statement that assures her fans she's doing okay!

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"tour is wild. life is wild," she began.

"i’m grateful for the sea of love i have around me everyday."

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"and for the people who come to these shows and give all of us every ounce of energy they’ve got."

"i’m grateful for my voice and my team. i’m grateful for this music. i’m grateful for my tour bus driver, Kurt who bought me pickles yesterday because he saw we ran out."

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"i’m grateful for the opportunity to sing to thousands of people every night. it’s a dream come true. "

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"no matter how hard it gets or how many feelings come up that are screaming at me to be processed and sorted through one day, i’m grounded by gratitude and promise not to give up on what i’ve started."

"i feel everything very intensely and have committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when i’m still processing a lot … so sometimes i cry a lot! i thank you for accepting my humanness."

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"i’m not sure what i did to deserve to meet so many loving souls every night / to feel so much love, but i want you to know that it really does carry me through. i feel it and i appreciate it. and all of you so much."

"i’m sharing this because i’m grateful and because i want you to know that if you too are hurting, you can push through and are not alone. it is hard to balance taking care of the people around you, doing your job, and healing / taking care of yourself at the same time… "

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She concluded, "but i want you to know, you aren’t alone and i think you’re doing great. love you."

Ari is truly out here making us cry!


I'll leave you now with this ~emotional~ tweet from 2012 Ari so we can all remember it's okay to be living your dream and crying a lot at the same time.

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We <3 you, bby!