Couple Mortified After Posting Selfie With Embarrassing Object In It

All of us sometimes do things that we regret—we're only human.

Most of these things aren't detrimental to society either. They're everyday mistakes, slip-ups, and embarrassments that seem terrible in the moment, but hopefully don't end up following us around for the rest of our lives.

However, social media has given us the ability to give our public mistakes immortality. If a picture is posted somewhere, even if it is deleted after, it exists in the world wide web forever and ever.

Not trying to be your parents here, it's just the facts.

Let's talk about S-E-X for a second.

We're all grow ups here, and doing the ol' frick frack is part of a lot of our lives.

But doing the ding dong dance is still an oddly taboo thing to talk about, especially when we try to breach the conversation with our parents.

They know we're doing it, and we know they're doing it, but our symbiotic relationship demands that we all pretend we are innocent creatures for the sake of harmony.

One woman recently had to have a less-than-comfortable convo with her parents regarding the birds and the bees.


22-year old Kelsey Poole was on holiday in Turkey with her boyfriend Elliot when she decided to let her parents in on how the trip was going.

"I was genuinely just updating my mum on my holiday," she explained, "So sent her a few different photos."

Taking holiday pictures is a pretty normal occurrence.

Everyone snaps pictures during trips, and with the rise of platforms like Instagram, photos of couples traveling have become and entirely separate brand on their own.

Naturally, Kelsey decided to take a selfie of her and her boyfriend in their hotel room.

She then sent it to her mom to show off what the room looked like.

If you've only looked at the photo for a second, it looks...typical. Normal. They're a run-of-the-mill attractive Instagram couple.

They're relaxed, cute, and obviously having a good time.


A really good time.

No no, like a really really really good time.

Though they aren't smiling in the photo, there are other, um, things that tell us what kind of a time they're having.

Kelsey didn't check the background of the photo before she sent it.

When you're on vacation with your boyfriend, your hotel room is gonna include some pretty personal stuff, including normal, yet maybe not share-worthy, health items that aren't for your parent's eyes.

When Kelsey's mother sent a text back in response to the photo, Kelsey was immediately horrified.

"My mum brought [the picture] up actually and kept laughing at my dads reaction," Kelsey said, "Apparently he zoomed in and said 'oh lovely I didn't really need to see that'."

"Dad said the pics are lovely, nice Durex bottle."


Yep, the bottle of lube is front and center.

"It was just my mum I sent it to," Kelsey shared, "but obviously she was showing my dad the photos and he noticed the bottle. My mum was oblivious."

She tried to play it off by saying it was just 'knee cream'.


Obviously, her parents didn't fall for that excuse.

"My boyfriend was absolutely mortified and he couldn't believe I didn't notice it in the pictures," Kelsey said, "Although he does laugh about it now."

As embarrassing as the moment was, the family had a laugh about it after the trip.

"It was actually fine when we got home," Kelsey said, "My parents can luckily see the funny side of things."

Still, it's probably not something that you want your parents to see.

Instagram | @asfu_cebumaldito

As much as its perfectly normal and healthy (an honestly encouraged) to own things like lube, we're back at that thing where, to your parents, you feel like you have to pretend that you don't have a sex life.

"I was really laughing reading out some of the twitter replies and my dad said he doesn't want to hear."

We're glad that their story had a happy ending, even though the journey there was a bit of a 'slippery slope'.

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