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Dairy Queen Has Sour Patch Kids Blizzards And My 10-Year-Old Self Can’t Handle It

Here's an admission of guilt: As an adult, I'm not the biggest fan of candy anymore.

Maybe it's because my ridiculously sensitive body can't handle the flavors; maybe it's because of my susceptibility to a sugar crash; maybe I'm just not fun anymore.

Regardless, because I haven't had my proper share of candy in a while, just the smell of certain kinds will immediately transport me back to my childhood days.

Food in general has this uncanny ability to let you time travel, but there's something about that early 2000's painfully sugary candy that doesn't just 'take' you back—it shoves you back.

One of those candies is definitely Sour Patch Kids.

We've all got this weird relationship with Sour Patch Kids. On one hand, they're chewy, tasty, flavorful, and were basically tiny superhero injections of energy. On the other, we put ourselves in aggressive discomfort in order to brave the sour-laden pain of eating small child-shaped food.

I don't go out of my way to buy Sour Patch Kids nowadays, but oh man did they pack a powerful punch in more ways than one.

Lucky for us, Dairy Queen is catering to that childhood nostalgia with a new sweet treat.

Instagram | @dqcakesfishers96

Dairy Queen's July Blizzard of The Month is a Sour Patch Kids themed ice cream extravaganza.

The new blizzard features chopped-up pieces of Sour Patch Kids candy and Redberry-flavored, soft-serve ice cream. If you thought Blizzards were flavorful before, you've got a surprise coming your way.

Aside from its powerful punch of flavor, the new menu item is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram | @dairyqueenofnorthernbrantford

If your ice cream pictures tend to be on the messier side, trade in your soft serve cone selfie for a Sour Patch Kids Blizzard portrait.

Need I remind you that if the Blizzard doesn't survive being flipped completely upside down, you get a new one free?

The Sour Patch Kids Blizzard will be available through all of July.

Dairy Queen

Despite my recent disconnect from the candy of my childhood, I'm ready to jump into the world of this blizzard faster than a rainbow streamer skip it.

I just don't know if my taste buds are prepared.

But they do say that beauty is pain, right?

h/t: Pop Sugar