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Artists Are Sharing Photos That Show How Much They've Improved Over Time

Becoming a great artist can be a painstakingly long process. Some people are naturally able to make progress very quickly and others need lots of practice and even schooling.

But it's always amazing to see an artist's progress and how they have improved over time. Here are some amazing examples to give you some inspiration on your creative journey.

Wow, so cool to see the progression of this similar idea from where it originated in 2016 to where it has taken the artist in 2018.

Truly a work of art.

I'm obsessed with these amazing horse drawing progression photos.

There is so much more depth and detail you can see over time. This artist is definitely very talented indeed.

It must be so fun to find an old drawing you did as a child and then do a total recreation of it now that you're an actual artist.

A blast from the past.

Wow, I can't believe this art improvement took place only a few months apart.

It goes to show you that studying and practicing does pay off. Just incredible.

Sometimes progress can take a few years but once you see where you started and where you are now, it's all the motivation you will need to keep going.

Take a look at this amazing progress!

Oh wow, this drawing looks like it came such a long way from being just a concept in someone's journal to becoming more of a character they envisioned.

Amazing work!

I feel like this drawing recreation is looking me straight in the face.

And I'm loving how this artist has grown over the years. Sounds like they're happy as well.

Take it from this artist who's been drawing every single day, watching videos, and learning as much as she can because this shows that she has improved a lot.

It takes a lot of work but it's worth it.

Sometimes an artist needs to change the way they approach their subjects and the way they use colors.

It can make all the difference, as you can see here.

I like how this artist treated this picture over time.

The first one looks more cartoonish and the final version in 2019 looks more detailed and fine-tuned.

I have to say both of these Venom art pieces are equally scary to me but the one form 2018 looks more like it's about to come to life.


Watercolors can be so hard to master, but as you can see in these examples, once you learn the proper way to layer multiple colors it all starts to work.

Practice makes perfect!

And check out these side-by-side progression photos.

It's quite remarkable how much this artist has improved their skills in just about one year. I'm loving all the details.

Looking at these artist progression pictures is making me want to pick up the pencil myself and start drawing again.

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These are truly beautiful and very inspiring indeed.