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Vendors Sell ‘Baby Trump’ Balloons Outside National Mall For The Fourth Of July

Ah, the Fourth of July. Between President Trump's mediocre tank parade and the administration's general everyday ignorance and disarray, what can the average American do to celebrate their freedom and independence?

This isn't the infamous UK visit from last month after all. What does a guy have to look forward to?

Turns out, our beloved savior from the skies has returned, and all of us can celebrate with him.

The 'Baby Trump Blimp' first made an appearance in Washington DC last year.

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The creators of the blimp call themselves the "Trump Babysitters", and they only have one goal: embarrass the President.

Upon hearing about the impending UK trip, they reached out to their supporters on their crowdfunding page in order to raise funds to ship the blimp overseas.

"If Trump's back, then Trump Baby needs to be there to greet him."

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The twenty-foot-tall monstrosity was only allowed in the air for a maximum of two hours (with its feet having to stay touching the ground at all times) but the ordeal was worth it, as Baby Trump went up in view exactly when Trump himself was heading to Westminster.

If you thought you'd seen the end of Baby Trump, you thought wrong.

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Just not in the way you'd expect.

Organizers are selling bite-sized versions of the baby Trump blimp in the form of little baby Trump balloons just outside of National Mall.

These hellium filled buddies are perfect for your Fourth of July festivities.

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Though, we should mention that you cannot take these guys into the National Mall, as they have rules surrounding the use of helium-filled balloons within the building.

Don't worry though—the baby blimp itself is set for a DC appearance today as well.

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The "Trump Sitters" have been giving the green light from the city, in the form of a permit, to fly the Baby Trump Blimp less than a mile away from where Trump will be giving his Fourth Of July speech.

Organizers originally filed the permit request back in June.

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Now, the Baby Trump Blimp will be posted on the grounds of the Washington Monument in the Northwest Quadrant-Southwest corner from 4 a.m.-9 p.m, near the World War II Memorial (according to the permit).

Happy Fourth Of July!

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