'Teen Mom 2': People On Twitter Just Can't Stop Hating On These Teens

Hm, it seems we're going to be battling a lot of negativity today.

Alright, let's see why people are being so mean to these Teenage moms. I'm going to assume because it's reality TV?


Twitter | @ccxjjxcc

I cannot stress the importance of this tweet enough, so we're going to look at it first to remind all you teens out there to always be safe.

Alright? Alright.

Apparently, they're boring

Really? You'd think the life of a Teen Mom would be anything but boring, considering they're, you know, teens and moms.

But I guess if they're rehashing old storylines then that can't be good.

1-0 Twitter.

Alright, so they hate mornings

Listen, I'm a writer who works from home and wakes up every day at noon and I still hate mornings.

Imagine having two screaming children waking you up? I'd be pissed off too.

1-1, point Teen Moms.

But why?

If you want to gain points for the Twitter team, you have to let me know why you're in shock about Teen Mom.

I'm sorry, but the point here goes to the moms.


Oh yeah, that's true.

Listen, I know all about Farrah Abraham. She's the absolute worst, and I can see why so many people would want to hate on her.

I'm tempted to give Twitter a bunch of points, but I can only give one.


Negativity is bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for the most obvious statement ever made on this website goes too... Jake Bean!

No, but seriously, I know how reality TV Shows can be and they often portray their cast in bad lights through editing. Point moms.


That kid looks pissed

And I'm going to assume it's because her mother keeps having children, even though she's not around. See mom, I can read!

Anyways, how irresponsible. Sorry Moms, but it's all tied up now.



She, now you're just hating without any cause.

You're a hater without a cause. They should call you Clint Hatewood, or the Woman With All The Hate. Sorry, but this one is for the moms.


Irresponsible Judges.

I'm telling you, they're the worst.

You mix an irresponsible justice system with a bunch of irresponsible teenagers and add a dash of children into the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster.

4-4. Point Twitter for irresponsibility.

Here's some positivity!

Woah! That's the first bit of happiness I've seen about Teen Mom 2... and frankly, it's refreshing.

It's hard reading all that toxicity all day, sometimes you need to come up for some fresh air!


Guilty Pleasures!

Alright, a little less positive (see: the guilty in "guilty pleasures") but still pretty positive overall!

I mean, at least she watches the show and doesn't complain about it on Twitter!


She can't be talking about real life.

There is no way that people have Teen Mom themed birthday parties for children in real life.

This must be just fantasy. Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

5-6. Point Twitter, just in case that's real.

Well, there we go.

That was the bluntest statement I've read about the show so far.

Well, at least they laid it all out on the line for me so there was no mistaking it as good.


And now, the tiebreaker...

And I'd say that the statement is... positive? Do they think Teen Mom 2 is the most real of the reality TV shows?

Well, alright, I'm sure the Teen Mom girls will take it!

Final Score: 6-7


And it looks like the moms take it!

So... Twitter, you're not allowed to hate on them anymore. This is my final decree.

So it is said, so it is done.