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'The Little Mermaid': People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About The New Ariel We're Here To Unpack It

Oh wow... So I'm being trusted to handle the Twitter reactions to the new Ariel? Alright, folks... well, here we go!

(Please let it be positive, please let it be positive).

So we have a new Ariel, folks!

Her name is Halle Bailey (I know, I read that wrong too) and she's an R&B singer from Los Angeles, California.

Today, we're going to be checking out some of the twitter reactions people have had towards her being Ariel. Brace yourselves.


Let's hear the girl sing! And yeah, it's no surprise that she's really, really good.

I mean, she wouldn't have had a music career if she wasn't any good, folks!

There are some bad reactions, obviously

This person obviously has some very nostalgic ties to the original and thinks that maybe the characters should be kept the same skin color as in the animated pictures.

But honestly, does it really matter?

She's got a point!

I've seen a million tweets like this so far, and it makes a lot of sense.

But seriously, who gives a darn if Ariel is a different color? It's a children's movie, people, relax.

Here's a man with some good advice.

Yeah, if only he could exist in the world the film takes place in. Then maybe he could talk some sense into the 16-year-old mermaid.

On a side note, is a tail a magical power? Or was he talking about her voice?

This makes me wonder...

How are they going to do the hair?

Will they do it straight and red, like in the original, or will they switch up the style at all? Who knows...

This ones kind of funny.

And nobody really hates to see it.

Anyone who gets uppity about cartoon characters from their childhood getting the color of their skin changed is dumb, whether the character was originally white, black or whatever.

There are a lot of these.

And sure, that can be your Ariel. No one is forcing you to see this new live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

Go ahead and stay home, no one's going to burst down your door and glue your eyes open.

I don't get it...

Were we supposed to have the Hooters version of Ariel in this movie?

Because as much as I would've enjoyed that, I'm sure all the kiddies in the audience would've been confused.

Did... Did he...

Did he just do a racism? Call me not woke or whatever, but was that meant to be racist? I think it was. Well, at least I get to call him out on it.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Oh Lord.

Yeah, she's allowed to block anyone she wants, she doesn't have to listen to your dumb... butt opinions.

In fact, no one does. I'm sorry I even put you in this article.

Troll Bait!

Don't take the bait, folks. You're going to see a lot of this stuff online if you're going to follow this whole mess.

Just don't take the bait and let it sit alone on Twitter.


So...what even is this?

That's a commentary on how bad pollution is in our oceans... right?

Of course you are.

Because this is what it's all about, isn't it? Just having people pay attention to you, finally and talk to you over the internet.

I know how it feels, I'm an internet writer. I want people to talk to me all the time.

Ah, an old classic.

We've all seen the dreaded "I'm not (terrible thing), BUT... (terrible thing)." Of course it's coming back in full force now.

This person couldn't even get Halle's name right.

Come on, buddy! If you're going to do all this, you should at least learn the name of the person you're protesting.

Also, for the record, Amber Heard is definitely too old to play a 16 year old mermaid, no matter what her hair color is.

Some people were maybe being a little hypocritical.

I seem to remember a lot of happy tweets about the Aquaman casting switch-up, after all.

Everyone wants their vision catered to.

Actually, this one would be pretty good. I think this Ariel could really hold her own in a movie.

Let's end on a high note

Let me tell you this, people. While there might be a lot of negativity in this article, most of what I've seen on Twitter is positive. People are happy about this change, and you should be too.

Or, you know, just don't go see the children's movie if you're not.

Support for Halle is out there!

And there are lots of people celebrating what this will mean to young black girls out there who'll get to see themselves on screen as Ariel.

Some of the fanart out there is amazing.

Like this artist, who imagined both Ariels hanging out, playing chess. I'd definitely watch that movie.

This artist had a similar idea.

I think the way they show the difference in hair texture in this art is incredibly cool.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited for this movie.

I'm sure we'll hear from all these very upset people again when the movie comes out, but until then, let's just enjoy the anticipation for another great Disney reboot.

Here is a video of the old Ariel...

Supporting the new Ariel. And good for her, because this new Ariel needs all the support she can get. Trust me, I've spent a lot of time researching Twitter for this article, and it's not pretty.

This person has a whole speech...

Which, you might want to read if you're into that whole thing. It puts Disney's new take on diversity into perspective and really makes you question whether it's a good thing or exploitative.

This art is really cool.

I love the look, I love the style and frankly, I really hope this is what they go for when they make the new movie. It's just beautiful, to be honest.

Alright, that's funny.

And it's funny because it's so, so very true. I mean god, Hollywood has been whitewashing movies, franchises, and products for so long, there's no excuse to be complaining when the opposite happens.

Here's a guy asking people's opinions

And it's really interesting to see a (mostly young) perspective on the whole thing. Check it out if you have two minutes because it'll really give you hope for the next generation.