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Halle Bailey Posted A Celebratory Instagram Post After Being Cast As Ariel

So The Little Mermaid is slowly coming together as a movie, and it's already making great waves.

Get it?

People are so excited!

Whether you're happy about the casting or not though, you have to admit this post we're going to show you is pretty cute.

As you know, 'The Little Mermaid' is one of the biggest Disney movies of all time.


And arguably, Ariel is one of the biggest princesses ever.

Halle Bailey has been cast as our Ariel.

She will be playing the mermaid princess turned human who falls in love with Prince Eric.

Zendaya was one of the first who led the celebrations!

She took to Twitter to express her joy!

We love women supporting women!

And she wasn't the only one!

Honestly, it IS a good time to be alive!

Twitter has tons of positive and heartwarming reactions to choose from!

Of course, not everyone is happy about it...

But this isn't about them.

And if you have a problem with it: see tweet below.

The star recently turned 19, and has a shared account with her sister.

That's where she posted the Insta photo that is too cute for words!

She celebrated the announcement on Instagram!

Look how cute this photo is!

People responded with amazing comments of encouragement!

What do you think about the casting?


A lot of people are divided, but I'm sure she will be fantastic at it!