New Orange Crème Pop Twinkies Turn Creamsicles Into Tasty Cakes

This truly is the summer for all things creamsicle.

Dairy Queen just introduced their latest and greatest creation, the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone, Twizzlers has brought us a new Orange Cream Pop flavor, and even Coke got in on the fun with Orange Vanilla Coke (also available in Coke Zero editon.)

Really, all we've been missing is some kind of orange-flavored cake. Thankfully, Hostess saw their opportunity for greatness and snatched it up like the snack pros they are.

Get ready for new Orange Crème Pop Twinkies because they've officially hit store shelves.

Instagram | @junkpickers

According to Best Products, these limited-edition snack cakes are just like the Twinkies you know and love with a new, summery twist: orange crème filling.

So basically, it's like orange sponge cake wrapped around a delicious creamsicle and it honestly sounds too tasty for me to handle.

We got our first teasing look at this delicious new flavor all the way back in May.

The Instagram page @threesnackateers posted a pic of the tantalizing box and announced that these treats would be "coming soon."

At the time, the comments were filled with people all eager to give the new snacks a try

"Glorious time to be alive," one user wrote, while another added, "This just may be the first Twinkie I ever try."

Now we've got confirmation that these new Twinkies are officially available in stores.

"Being a big fan of Orange Creme flavor and not being such a big fan of Twinkies, I wasn't sure what to expect," Instagram user @fueledbymunchies wrote in their announcement post of the snack. "Could Hostess pull it off? Will this combo work? YES and YES."

They added, "If you're a fan of Twinkies and Orange Creme and you see these at your local grocery store, do yourself a favor and pick 'em up."

Each box includes 10 individually wrapped cakes of golden, spongey goodness.

Instagram | @thejunkgoat

A few eagle-eyed Instagram users have discovered that you can pick up yours at Walmart for $2.97 and also at Hy-Vee. Since they are limited-edition, you'll want to make sure you get your hands on a box fast before they disappear!

h/t: Best Products