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Kelly Ripa Fires Back After Someone Accused Mark Consuelos Of Ditching His Family

Okay, first of all: WTF?

Second of all...I don't even have a second of all. I'm still on "WTF."

Recently, someone accused Mark Consuelos of ditching the family he clearly adores. His wife, Kelly Ripa, had something to say about that.

Anyone with eyes can see that Mark Consuelos loves his family.

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So much of his Instagram is filled with pictures of he and his wife, or his kids.

If he's not posting about Riverdale, the rest of his social media presence is about his family.

Here's literally more evidence.

Like, I could add in every picture of his family that he posted from the last six months, and you'd be here all day.

So, that's my way of saying: hi, the man friggin' loves his family.

Also, he and Kelly are relationship goals.

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When Kelly's co-host, Ryan Seacrest, was absent from Live With Kelly and Ryan, Mark stepped in.

They laughed their way through his episode and even found time to embarrass their daughter by telling a story about her walking in on them doing...things.

And they're lowkey obsessed with each other.

Whenever they post about each other on Instagram (please note that it is often, thank you very much), their captions are always extra af.

Kelly hashtagging this snap of Mark from Riverdale as #daddy? Bold.

It's the same for Mark.

On their anniversary, he posted a snap and sweet caption of Kelly.

But guys, remember. He ditches his family all the time, right? This man spends no time with them at all.

Kelly posted a pretty fire picture of Mark the other day.

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And just like that, trouble began.

(Actually, wait—this picture is a great example of why Kelly called him daddy. Okay, back to the article.)

So, while most fans were posting fire emojis and making Riverdale jokes, one decided to pop off.

This is so uncalled for.

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Okay, @vargoaj, go ahead and skip over how cute Mark and Kelly are, or all the pictures of their kids on their accounts, or Mark's arms.

Actually, I guess her whole point involves his arms, huh?

Kelly was not here for this hot take.

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I feel like she so did not need to point this out, but she did, anyway.

"[...] he's on vacation WITH us. He's a multitasker"

Like, how did that commenter miss that fact in the first place?

Other fans popped in to point out some #facts.

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This person is more correct than they even know.

Since Mark is on Riverdale, it is quite literally part of his job to be shirtless about a quarter of the time.

I mean, what? I don't watch Riverdale. (I do. I watch it. I love it. I'm sorry.)

Oh, y'all think I'm joking?

You saw that post up there. You see this shirtless man here.

Hiram Lodge is either shirtless and boxing, shirtless and wrestling, or shirtless and making mob deals in a sauna. It is 100% Mark's job to be fit.

Anyway, let's all appreciate the other comments on the post.

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First up is Michelle Visage, judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

I love moms on the internet. Michelle is a Riverdale fan, too (I follow her on Twitter, I'm in the know), and I love that her first instinct was to just write his character's name.

The comments you 100% expected were there, too.

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Tag yourself, I'm Jonathan.

Everyone had a healthy appreciation for shirtless mark (not you, negative commenter that this whole article is about), which is how it should be.

Kelly totally knows how fine her husband is.

This cracked me up.

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Perspective, y'all. This person has it, and it is so funny.

To be fair, squirrels make for great internet content. So don't count yourself out if your Instagram is also full of animals.

I feel we should have all seen this coming.

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#daddy #oceandaddy #senorneptune

I could do this all day.

If you aren't into the whole "people on the internet calling celebrities daddy" thing, may I point you to my point earlier in the article when Kelly Ripa did it first.

Anyway, shoutout to Kelly and Mark.

They have a happy, healthy family that they both obviously adore to pieces.

Next time you see a picture of shirtless Mark, just remember...the word "daddy" is more appropriate than criticism about his family life. Okay thanks! Bye!