8+ Disney VHS Tapes That Could Be Worth Thousands

Any 90's or 00's kid will remember trying to put one of these tapes into the VCR without getting their fingers caught as a distant childhood memory.

The last producer of VHS tapes, Betamax, finally halted production in 2015.

This made the value of older tapes skyrocket.

I'll be digging through my parent's garage after this and so should you!

1. 'Lady and The Tramp'


This heartwarming and romantic tale between two street dogs from seemingly different worlds is said to go for $2000 USD in some circles.

Of course, it would have to be on a well maintained VHS tape to have survived to see 2019, and if it was from the Black Diamond Collection released between 1984 - 1994 that would definitely earn a bonus.

2. 'The Lion King'


Some may not have noticed that The Lion King was heavily inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet.

If you happen to own a first edition or Black Diamond VHS tape of it then you can go back and rediscover the similarities between the narratives. You could also fetch $1500 USD from the right buyer.

3. 'Aladdin'


The animated adventures of Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie on VHS can be bought for approx.

$1500 USD if any Millennial parents want to give their kids a taste of their own childhood. Just a thought...

4. 'The Little Mermaid'


Bank account drying up? Take a quick dive into your old VHS tape collection and see if you can fish out a well cared for copy of The Little Mermaid.

Selling it won't exactly get you swimming in cash but $1500 USD is nothing to splash at!

5. 'The Jungle Book'


As a kid, I literally watched this movie so many times the tape wore out so badly we had to replace it.

Mowgli's story was just that amazing I'm telling you!

Look for it like right now.


Anyway, if you have a copy in better condition it may be worth up to $1200 USD which is waaay more than we paid for it in 2002 that's for sure.

6. 'The Sword In The Stone'


This animated Arthurian legend from 1963 follows Wart as he discovers he is actually Arthur and is the one worthy of pulling a magical sword from where it has been lodged in a stone. It's a great story for kids and adults alike!

It can also be sold for up to $1000 USD if you can find a buyer in need.

7. 'Fox and The Hound'

If you're looking for a movie to cry your eyes out over then look no further!

This movie is sweet and can give you some cash.


For only $600 USD you too can watch as neighboring pets Todd the fox and Cooper the hound form a deep friendship, then as they are torn apart by their owners and by their very own nature.

8. 'Beauty and The Beast'


This beautiful and beastly story can be sold for $600 USD.

Not exactly worth thousands, but it's still a nice amount of cash!

9. 'Bambi'


Its kinda crazy to realize that Bambi was released in 1942 and almost 80 years later a VHS tape of it from 30 - 40 years ago is only worth $250 USD.

10. 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'


Following the Maleficent focused remake, interest in the original Snow White stories including this Disney classic has spiked.

However, a good VHS copy will only get you about $200 USD.


Makes me wonder what Grumpy the dwarf would have to say about this.

11. 'Dumbo'.


The price for the 1941 version of Dumbo on VHS can fly as high as $200 USD while the price for the 2019 remake on BluRay can be bought for around $30 USD.