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NBC, ABC, And CBS Have Decided Not To Air Trump's 'Salute To America' Celebration

President Donald Trump's plans for a big, bombastic bash to mark the Fourth of July have hit a bit of a snag. Trump announced his plans — but big TV networks aren't going to play along.

Trump's event is called "Salute to America".

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The event is scheduled to be two hours long. Minute-by-minute details aren't known, but it's a safe bet that it will include fireworks. Trump says the event will be "like no other."

Trump's set to talk at the event.

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At some point during the two-hour event, Trump is expected to give a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. The Daily Mail speculates Trump will use the event as an opportunity to tout America's military might.

The fireworks are supposed to be epic.

Reagan National Airport in Washington will be shut down during the event to allow for flyovers of military planes during the event, along with a fireworks show starting at 9 pm.

Trump has faced criticism.

For ostensibly making himself the focal point of an event typically intended to honor America, CBS News has reported that Trump's critics say it's "reminiscent of more dictatorial regimes", adding that he's "placing himself center stage in the typically nonpartisan celebration."

Fox is all in.

Unsurprisingly, the president's favorite network will air a two-hour special, while C-SPAN plans to air it live. Other networks, on the other hand, aren't as eager to air the president's rhetoric.

ABC, CBS and NBC are all out.

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None of these major broadcast networks will air the program live, though they'll show it online. MSNBC says they may show highlights, but not the full event, while CNN's plans aren't known at this time.

What's airing instead?

All three networks will stick to a conventional schedule, starting with nightly newscasts. Anyone watching ABC will be able to catch an episode of Jeopardy! once the newscast is finished.

It's a stern rebuke to the president.

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Major networks have traditionally given the sitting president a platform. But with Trump increasingly bringing partisanship into events that are supposed to be nonpartisan, it appears networks are drawing a line in the sand.

Who will attend?

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The White House has offered VIP passes to major donors, while protesters are also expected to be on hand. One Republican fundraiser told The Huffington Post, "He's going to have tanks out there. It's going to be cool."

Will you be watching?

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While some networks are snubbing the event, Fox and online platforms will show it. Will you watch? What do you think of the whole thing? Is the president overreaching his bounds by treating the Fourth of July like a campaign rally?