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Sia Clapped Back After Being Accused Of Wearing Blackface

Angering Taylor Swift fans is never a good idea.

After a huge amount of drama in the music community, fans have unearthed pictures of Sia that they claim is her in blackface.

This whole situation is so complicated.

This all started with Taylor Swift.

Unbelievably, this entire situation boils down to what happened between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun.

Confused? That's totally okay, I'm here to catch you up on the story so far. Buckle up.

Taylor left her record label in 2018.

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She was formerly with Big Machine Records, who she left for Universal Music Group in 2018.

Producer Scooter Braun's group, Ithaca Holdings, purchased Big Machine Records.

And with it, Taylor's entire music catalog.

She took to Tumblr to express her thoughts on the news.

Instagram | @taylorswift

According to Taylor, she was entirely unaware that her discography was now in Scooter Braun's hands.

Taylor had actually tried to acquire her own work for years, according to the post.

But she was given a "deal."

Instagram | @taylorswift

She wrote:

"For years I asked, pleaded for a chance to own my work. Instead I was given an opportunity to sign back up to Big Machine Records and ‘earn’ one album back at a time, one for every new one I turned in."

According to Taylor, Scooter bullied her for years.

Instagram | @taylorswift

After her many clashes with Kim and Kanye, Taylor alleged Scooter bullied her repeatedly.

This includes when his client, Kanye, made a lifesize recreation of Taylor, stripped her naked, and put her in bed with other nude celebrities for his "Famous" video.

Scooter did nothing to stop it.

So, Scooter Braun doesn't sound like the nicest guy. Unfortunately for Taylor, Scooter has a lot of very famous clients.

Twitter | @scooterbraun

These include Kanye, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Sia.

It's Sia that angered Swifties (Taylor's fans) the most, due to her vocal support of him.

Twitter | @sia

Taylor's fans were NOT having it.

They started pulling old receipts on Sia immediately. Note taken — never mess with Taylor's fandom.

Twitter | @Iamfrancojooste

One fan pulled up this picture of Sia, which is incredibly jarring. For the obvious alleged blackface reason, of course, but also because we so rarely see Sia's actual face.

Even more images began to surface.

Fans dug deep and found more pictures of Sia painted in black paint.

Even knowing the reason behind it (which we will in a moment), this image is incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention shocking.

Sia responded on Twitter.

According to Sia, the paint was only a small part of her performance.

In the video, she is only painted the way she is to blend into the background.

I do have to wonder why she couldn't put the white paint in the middle of her face, but what do I know?

Fans were quick to point out that there were inaccuracies in her statement.

Sia said the look was a precursor to the wig, but then the wig was already on.

If anyone can make sense of what any of that means, let me know.

Some fans thought Scooter himself was behind the tweet.

Conspiracy theory hats are on, guys.

According to a few people, even Sia's original tweet of support was Scooter using her account.

I doubt that very much, tbh. I think Sia made these choices all by herself.

And Sia is older and maybe not super up on fandom SLANG, okay?

People who aren't stans were upset, too.

Apart from Swifties and other stans, regular Sia fans were very unimpressed with her stance on the situation.

For many, the issue is bigger than the blackface. It seems they think that Sia is focusing more on that, rather than on her support of Scooter.

For some, Sia's focus should be on Scooter, too.

To date, Sia has yet to make a statement about Taylor's claims.

She instead chose to only focus on the blackface allegations.

To her credit, both issues were in need of immediate response.

Some of Sia's fans did come out to support her.

This tweet told a short and sweet story, with a great deal of agreement from over 600 Sia supporters.

Taylor fans were not impressed, but it seems Sia has a lot of silent supporters, as well.

Well, maybe not silent just NOT as aggressive.

A new hashtag emerged.

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Alongside #IStandWithTaylorSwift rose #westandwithsia.

Fans posted their support of Sia, as well as screenshots of quotes that they found motivational from the singer.

Sia has not followed up on the incident since her initial tweet.

Taylor also hasn't commented on any of Sia's remarks.

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What do you think of the allegations?