5+ Little Details About 'Stranger Things' To Remember Before You Binge The New Season

Ah, yes. The new season of Stranger Things is on the horizon and we should be doing some remembering. Well, let's get to it then.

You know what they say, no time like the present.

So let's begin with Episode 1...


Of the first Season. There are a couple of moments that might play into Season 3, so let's keep ourselves at attention people!

Wouldn't want to miss anything, ladies and gentlemen.

1. The Dark Phoenix Comic


Alright, apparently we're doing a little bit of foreshadowing with this one.

Remember that Will wins Dustin's issue of X-Men Issue #134, which has Jean Grey turning into Dark Pheonix.

I believe...


That this is meant to symbolize that Eleven is going to turn evil?

Or maybe her dark telekinetic powers are going to be too much for her to control? A cosmic entity might take her over? Who knows.

2. Hopper Mentions Sara


Who turns out to be his daughter that died. Will she be a big part that factors into the story of Season 3?

It seems that only time will tell.

3. Then, the boys find Eleven


Which, of course, has become an iconic Stranger Things moment.

Maybe we'll get some callbacks to this moment in the upcoming Season? Maybe they find something wet in the woods?

On to Episode 2...


Where Mike gives Eleven her first ever Eggo waffle, which she obviously enjoys a whole bunch.

How will Eggos play a part in the newest season? Maybe they'll have an arc.

4. Then Mike's Mom Comes Home


That's where Mike makes Eleven hide in the closet.

An homage to a certain movie about an alien... don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe if I said it was an Extra-Terrestrial...

Yeah, I'm talking about E.T.

Universal Pictures

So maybe we'll see something to do with aliens in the upcoming season of Stranger Things?

Maybe aliens abduct Eleven and take control of her mind powers... boom, E.T. and Dark Pheonix combined!

5. Barb's Fate


When she gets dragged into the Upside Down, and this is the moment we also learn that the Demogorgons are attracted to blood.

I know she's dead, but maybe we see her reappear as a ghost?

6. The Upside Down


We see our first glimpse of the Upside Down in this episode, only to find out that it resembles our world but is much bleaker, greyer and much more hostile.

Kind of like going to see the inlaws.



We move onto Episode 3, where things really start to hit the fan.

We're gonna see some stuff we haven't ever seen before here people, so get your britches ready.

7. This is where we learn about Terry Ives...


And I wonder what she will do in the newest Season and how her biological bond with Eleven will affect her search for the other telekinetic child...



What part will the Upside Down play in the new Season?

Will the cast spend more time in this treacherous place, constantly being asked when you're going to ditch the writing thing and get a real job?

Wait, hold on...

8. Firestarter


We also know that the way Eleven's powers are tested is an homage to Stephen King's Firestarter, a movie starring Drew Barrymore as a kid.

How will that play into the new Season's story?

And that's it...


For now.

But come back later, and I may overanalyze some more small Stranger Things moments for you. But until then, keep your guard up, because you never know what could be lurking around the...

Oh my god look behind you!