The Creators Of 'Lost' And 'Game Of Thrones' Are Having An Epic Battle: Who Has The Worst Finale

Oooh, baby! There's some shade being thrown around on the internet, girl.

So get ready and grab your parasols because we're going to bathe in that sweet, glorious shade.



I feel like I have to throw this up just in case there are people just starting Game Of Thrones.

I know you don't think they exist, but I know at least one!



We all know that the finale of Game Of Thrones stunk.

I'm allowed to say that now, right? Because all the cool kids online are saying it?

I mean, come on.


Bran winning the Iron Throne? Is that really the best you could've come up with? And the rest was all pretty disappointing as well.

Unlike Batman, it wasn't the ending we deserved.

And people have been pretty cheesed.

Reddit | alrightfrankie

I spend most of my time on Reddit, and I can tell you the people there are not pleased.

They even intend on booing the creators at Comic Con when they come onstage.

In fact...


Some have even started throwing some death threats around. All of this because the final season of a show wasn't up to standard.

Which, of course, is perfectly reasonable.

You can say it's all pretty... toxic


What? The internet getting very toxic over something they collectively don't like?

I've never heard of something like that happening, and how dare you accuse my precious collaborators of such evil deeds.

And George R. R. Martin would agree.


Okay, so, cut to... say, recently, when GRRM was a guest on Leonard Maltin’s Maltin on Movies podcast.

He had a thing or two to say about Game Of Thrones' online fanbase.

He said:


About the internet fanbase of the show he helped create:

“The internet is toxic in a way that old fanzine culture and fandoms — comics fans, science fiction fans — in those days, was not.”

He goes on...


To talk about how yes, he acknowledges that there were sometimes spats and what not, but the internet has taken things to a whole new level of "madness".

His words internet, not mine.

And this ain't the first time...


We've faced "madness". Lots of finales have faced a ton of scrutiny, especially in the internet age.

Heck, I remember living through the huge backlash that came after the How I Met Your Mother finale...

But one stands above them all...


Like a towering inferno of madness and backlash, we can all remember how pissed off people were about the Lost finale.

It's become synonymous with failure, at this point in history.

And it seems GRRM agrees.


Eons ago, in the far off time of 2011, George R. R. Martin talked about how he watched all of Lost and was desperate not to repeat the same mistakes they did.

He said...


To the New Yorker about the Lost finale:

“What if I [redacted] it up at the end? What if I do a Lost? They’ll come after me with pitchforks and torches.”



If you ask me, Georgy Porgy puddin and Martin, it seems like those comments sound a little... oh, what's the word... oh yes, toxic.

With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride, Martin.

And the creator of "Lost" recognized this.

Damon Lindelof clapped back at GRRM with the below Instagram post when he heard ol' George was complaining about people being toxic.

Read it if you want, but prepare to say "Damn".