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Eric Trump Roasted Over Botched Attempt To Mock Obama For Not Visiting North Korea

President Donald Trump recently made headlines after initiating a historic meeting with Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Not to be outdone, his son Eric Trump also made headlines after he attempted to mark his father's visit with a mocking tweet aimed at Barack Obama, which was then roasted mercilessly on Twitter for its failed attempt to shame the former POTUS, Indy 100 reported.

Eric has been in the news quite a bit lately, despite usually being the quieter of the two Trump sons.

Just last week he alleged that a Chicago-based cocktail bar waitress spat on him, an act with he branded "disgusting" and said was done by "somebody who clearly has emotional problems."

Now, Eric is back in the news for a misguided tweet attempting to fire some shots at Obama.

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On July 1st, 35-year-old Eric took to his twitter to celebrate his father's historic visit to the secretive Asian nation of North Korea.

He posted two side-by-side photos, one of Obama peering into a pair of binoculars on the South Korean side of the demilitarized zone (DMZ), and a photo of his father walking alongside Jong-un.

The problem was with the caption Eric added to the comparison photos.

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"DMZ 2008 vs. DMZ 2019," he wrote, adding the hashtag #KeepAmericaGreat for good measure.

Of course, people online were quick to help Eric out and show him the errors in his caption, explaining just why his "call-out" post didn't have the desired effect.

Perhaps the biggest and most glaring issue in the tweet is Eric's confusion with the dates.

Yes, while Obama was elected president in the 2008 presidential election, Bush remained POTUS for the rest of the year.

Obama wasn't actually sworn into office until 2009. Also, the photo he used of Obama was actually taken in 2012, so bit of an error there, too.

There were definitely some other issues people spotted with Eric's failed attempt to mock Obama.

In 2008, North Korea's leader wasn't even Kim; his father, Kim Jong II, who died in 2011, was still ruling over the country at that time.

Eric deleted his tweet amid online backlash and then tried again one day later with a new, updated version.

His replacement one attempted to throw even more jabs at Obama by including some of the former POTUS' campaign slogans in the hastags: #YesWeCan and #ChangeWeCanBelieveIn.

Of course, people weren't just going to let him forget his old tweet that quickly because that's not how the internet works.

"The internet is forever, buddy," one user wrote, adding a screenshot of Eric's first tweet just in case he may have forgotten that people can still access things long after they've been deleted.

"Oh Eric," another wrote. "You can't make up for fake news with more fake news."

h/t: Indy 100