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Bring The Playground To Your Home With This Swing Set Dining Table

With all the DIY kits going around the Internet, you can easily build your own property completely made out of them! There are cabins, igloo gazebos, bars, tiny homes — think of it, and you can probably build it.

Now, you can build your own swing set dining table, because why wouldn't you not be able to?

This swing table with a built-in planter box is perfect to add some more enjoyment to your meals.

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If you're sick of the family eating dinner in front of television screens, this is a good way to guarantee that never happens again.

For just over $6,000, you can bring the playground and garden right into your home.

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It can be assembled in just under an hour with two people.

It fits six people, and it definitely won't be difficult to get some guests to try it out.

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You also have the option to keep it inside or outside.

This actually would be such a fun outdoor set and would be perfect for a summer backyard oasis.

This dining table sure gets me excited for my meals now!

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I would never want to get off.

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