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Teen Mows American Flag Into Lawn As Touching Tribute To Fallen Soldier

As we come up on the Fourth of July, we are reminded that there are many ways that a person can show their patriotism.

Whether through public deeds of service or through subtle nods to national colors, every American has their own way of showing their love for the country that they call home.

One Texan teen recently made his own show of national pride not only through a unique medium, but for a heartbreaking reason.

17-Year-Old Cameron James recently suffered the loss of his friend, who was serving in the army in Arizona.

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As a tribute to his fallen friend and the country he fought for, James mowed a large image of the American Flag into the front lawn of his family home.

"It was a lot of work, but it was worth it."

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“Our mower has different settings," James explained, "So I just changed the settings so the grass would be different lengths for the stripes."

To create the fifty stars, James used a weed eater.

The project took him over four hours to complete.

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James stated that he also mowed the flag for the Fourth of July, in order to show his love for America and those who fight to protect it.

Though we may not all show our patriotism on such a large scale, it is truly touching to see younger generations of Americans showing their love in creative ways.

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