10+ Famous Guest Stars That You Definitely Forgot Starred In 'The Office'

The Office has a lot of great actors and actresses, but even their guest stars were amazing!

They had quite a number of major guest stars, some of which were already famous and some of which became famous later.

'The Office' is a classic show.


The Office is a beloved show, and it never seems to lose its hype.

And now that so many of the people are famous, it's nice to look back at the stars that were on the show.

1. Idris Elba - Charles Miner


First up Mr. Idris (owner of my heart) Elba himself.

While cruising on his The Wire fame but before his potential James Bond fame, he played Charles Miner as the new boss in the episode "The New Boss". Aptly titled I’d say.

2. Christian Slater - Himself


He was already uber famous when he played this exaggerated version of himself as a spokesperson for Sabre in the episode of the same title.

Younger fans may recognize him from Mr. Robot but slightly older fans may recognize him as JD in Heathers!

3. Evan Peters - Luke Cooper


Much before his American Horror Story and X-Men franchise fame, he played Michael’s half-nephew working as an intern.

He is a childish, terrible employee and quits soon after Michael spanks him as a misguided attempt at professional discipline. Nice going, Michael.

4. Jim Carrey - Finger Lakes Guy


Carrey at this point was l e g e n d a r y in comedy so naturally, he played the otherwise unnamed “Finger Lakes Guy”.

A super duper weird Canadian dude applying for Michael’s job after he left who will not stop flexing his accent and talking about Finger Lakes.

5. Ray Romano - Merv Bronte


Another weird applicant for Michael’s position is yet another comedy legend Ray Romano.

This Merv Bronte memorably pulls out a sandwich and begins eating in the middle of being interviewed. Top tip for real-world job interviews! Don't do that. Cmon.

6. Randall Park - Steve aka Asian Jim


Before his Fresh Off The Boat and Always Be My Maybe fame, he played Jim and Pam’s actor friend Steve.

Together they play an elaborate prank on Dwight complete with forged photographs and even a decoy smooch between Steve and Pam.

7. Will Arnett - Fred Henry


Another applicant for Michael’s position, Fred Henry is incompetent and cocky. That’s it. That’s his whole character.

Will Arnett is most famously known for Arrested Development.

8. Melissa Rauch - New Mom


Remember this star from The Bing Bang Theory?

Well, she had an episode where she got to share a room with Jim and Pam!

9. Stephen Colbert - Broccoli Rob


Another late night talk show host, Stephen Colbert, was unforgettable in his portrayal of … wait for it … Broccoli Rob.

With a moniker like that who could possibly forget his soulful cameo as Andy’s frenemy in a Halloween episode.

10. Michael Schur - Mose Schrute


He’s famous now as the creator and director of Parks and Rec, The Good Place and B99 but Dear Lord is he unrecognizable as Dwight's brother with that awful beard.

11. Amy Adams - Katy


On The Office, she played ‘hot girl’ Katy in the episode called "Hot Girl".

They’re very on the nose with some of these titles. She briefly dated Jim until Pam announced her engagement and Jim realized he’s still hung up on her and breaks it off with Katy.

12. Timothy Olyphant - Danny Cordray


Hot dad alert right here folks. Playing rival salesman Danny Cordray, he threatens Jim and Dwight’s position as top salesmen in the area so Michael hires him on the spot.

You might recognize him from Justified, Santa Clarita Diet.

13. Jack Black - Himself


Jack Black was undeniably a big name in comedy at the time.

He stars in an in-universe movie pirated by Jim.

14. Jessica Alba - Herself


In the same way that Jack Black was introduced, Jessica Alba is in the show in the same way he is.

She plays in a movie that Jim pirated where she stars with Jack Black.