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Actress Danielle Brooks Announced Her Pregnancy On Instagram But Fans Are Confused

When one chapter closes, another begins.

At least, that seems to be the case for Orange is the New Black actress, Danielle Brooks.

She just announced that she's pregnant on Instagram.

And while so many fans are so happy for the mommy-to-be, they're also confused ...

Danielle Brooks became a critically acclaimed actress for her role as Sofia on the Broadway production, "The Color Purple".

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She starred alongside Jennifer Hudson and British actress Cynthia Erivo.

But it's actually the color *orange* that a lot of people know her from.

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As in, Orange is the New Black, the hit Netflix show that first premiered in July 2013.

Brooks plays the character, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson on this binge-worthy show.

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Her character adds a lot of comedic relief to the sometimes serious and dark aspects of the show.

Over the years, Brooks has played a huge role in getting fans excited for new seasons.

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During a red carpet interview at the SAG Awards, she even told fans "you better get ready" for the fifth season.

She also said that they would need tissues to handle all the ups and downs.

Now, in 2019, Brooks is part of making fans need tissues for *another* reason.

In this emotional video, Brooks and her castmates announced that this upcoming season of OINTB will be their last.


They also assured fans that they will not be disappointed by the new season.

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The new — and final — season hits Netflix on Friday, July 26.

Get the popcorn ready!

Jenji Kohan, the creator of the show, also shared this heartbreaking image that marked the end of filming.

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"That's a wrap!" she captioned the pic.

The cast and crew have worked together for seven years now, so we can imagine that it's been a bittersweet ending.

Well, the good news is: when one chapter closes, another begins.

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At least, that definitely the case for Danielle Brooks since she just shared some ah-mazing news!

Drumroll, please ... She's pregnant!

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The star took to Instagram this past Tuesday to announce that she's expecting.

She was "elated" to share the news!

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Both fans and celeb pals were so happy for the mommy-to-be.

Since she's already 20 weeks pregnant, some of her co-stars already knew about the news.

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"Wow, congrats girl. You're going to be the best mother," wrote OITNB cast member, Laverne Cox.

In the middle of all the love and support, there was some confusion from fans, too.

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This is because the baby announcement comes as part of a "paid sponsorship" with Clearblue.

Because of this, some people took to Reddit to share in their confusion.


In response to this, one user wrote: "Yeah I almost thought she wasn't actually pregnant and this was satire of a product placement ad."

Other people were wondering how a sponsored pregnancy post even comes about.


"Monetise that pee stick!" another wrote.

Regardless of how she announced the news, Danielle is living her best life.

Babies are expensive, y'all.

If given the chance, we'd totally try to grab some ad money for a pregnancy announcement, too.

Congrats, boo!