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Viral Post Shows How KKW Body Foundation Actually Helps Boost Confidence

For the Kardashian-Jenner clan, there is no escaping haters. No matter what move they make, there is always scrutiny following close behind, waiting to pounce at the opportunity to discredit their business ventures.

Kim's latest product from her cosmetics company KKW Beauty was, of course, not immune from criticism — but one makeup artist's Twitter post is proving that there is a major positive outcome from this product.

Social media star Kim Kardashian launched a body foundation recently, and like anything she does, it got a lot of flack.

In an Instagram video, Kim expressed that the foundation helps enhance her skin tone, but most importantly, helps cover her psoriasis.

Over the years, Kim has been very open about her experiences with psoriasis.

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She even recently shared this photo of her legs that showed how her skin lost pigment after a flare-up. It makes sense that she wanted to create a product that helped people with similar skin issues.

But people were not convinced about the product and thought it was pretty pointless.

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The very outspoken actress Jameela Jamil publicly called out the product for being a pain in the butt to get off, essentially saying it's pointless and nothing but a headache.

But one makeup artist showed the power that these sorts of products serve individuals with skin disorders.

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Katrina took to Twitter to show what the body foundation has done for her mom's skin condition.

She wrote, "With my mom's sickness, she developed a skin condition and she's been so embarrassed to even wear shorts or dresses in public."

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"She got so extremely happy after i applied the body foundation an i'm so emotional rn."

She expressed that this KKW product is actually helping boost her mother's confidence to go outside and flaunt summer clothes.

While this may not be why Kim created the product, it is definitely an unintended positive use and outcome.

She said it took two layers to achieve these results.

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After just two layers, the difference is incredible. You can't see any red or purple tones in her mother's legs!

Many people expressed that they have never thought of these potential benefits before Katrina's post.

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People wanted a full review of how this product stayed on. I'm curious, too!

Other people came out to defend the product's original purpose.

Knowing that Kim has struggled with her own skin issues helps us understand why she made this product in the first place. For other people with skin conditions, this product is a game-changer.

Even Jameela Jamil, who had previously shut down the product, sent a lengthy response to Katrina, admitting that her tone didn't come off as she intended.

The actress has been especially critical of the Kardashians over the years because of their frequent endorsements of "detox teas" on social media.

In the video that accompanied her tweet, Jameela apologized for "judging" Katrina and others who used the body foundation.

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She also promised to work on her tone when criticizing products that she feels promote unhealthy expectations to women.

And of course, the social media star behind the product sent love to Katrina and her mother.

Yes, we should work to embrace our imperfections — but sometimes, there is no escaping uncomfortable and self-conscious feelings.

Kim has even shared her own story with how this body foundation helped her grandmother.

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In an Instagram post, Kim revealed that her grandmother wanted to try the product to cover the veins on her arms. Kim shared this video of her and North applying the foundation to Grandma MJ's arms.

Here's the before and after photo of Grandma MJ's arms.

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It does seem that there are a lot of positive applications of this new product, especially for older women.

It can be so easy to shut down a new product if you don't realize how it can help others.

If a product makes you feel more confident and feel like you can take on the world, then there is no reason to completely invalidate its use.

I'm sure we'll be seeing more stories about Kim's body foundation and how it has helped people in the future.

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