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Fan Allegedly Living In Channing Tatum's Home For 10 Days Faces Restraining Order

We'd do a lot for some of Channing Tatum's attention. He's an actor, dancer, producer, and all around dream boat, so we can't really judge anyone for trying to get a piece of the Channing action.

Secretly living in his house might be going a bit far.

A woman allegedly broke into Channing's house in June.

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It's also alleged that she stayed there for ten days without Channing's knowledge. The house was vacant at the time, according to The Blast.

The woman was discovered squatting by an assistant.

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The assistant placed the woman under citizen's arrest on June 24th before the cops were eventually called to take her away.

According to The Blast, the woman claimed she wasn't trespassing.

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The woman allegedly stated that she believed Channing had invited her to stay at his house. The Blast's sources say that this woman has previously showed up at Channing's home and has tried to make contact with him before.

Channing filed for a restraining order on July 2nd.

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In documents obtained by The Blast, Channing claims the alleged stalker had previously sent a letter to him in November and had claimed they had met ten years prior. The documents also say that the woman believed Channing was watching her.

Channing wasn't just looking out for himself.

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Sources tell The Blast that Channing was granted the restraining order, which also included protection of his ex-wife Jenna Dewan, their daugher Everly, and two of Channing's assistants.

It's not clear if the protection also applies to Channing's girlfriend, singer Jessie J.

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The couple has been spending a lot of time together recently, as evidenced by these adorable shots Jessie shared to her Instagram story this weekend.

Despite the recent events, Channing didn't seem stressed in the photos.

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He and Jessie were both all smiles in the pictures she shared. Channing has not yet publicly commented on the alleged break and enter.

Obsessed fans showing up at celebrity homes are unfortunately common.

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Actress Chloe Grace Moretz's home was visited twice by an unwanted fan, who allegedly hopped the gate to knock on the door twice this week, despite being arrested for misdemeanor trespassing the first time and getting the charge upped to felony stalking.

h/t: The Blast