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Heinz Is Offering Mac & Cheese In A Can Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Let me just start by saying I love mac & cheese. I'm not ashamed to admit that there are few things in life that can make me happier than a bowl of steamy, deliciously cheesy noodles. So because of this, I don't take mac & cheese innovations lightly.

And Heinz, you have definitely done me wrong with this one. This is just unforgivable.

The company reportedly offers canned mac & cheese because everything is a thing nowadays.


According to Delish, the big brains over at Heinz thought that the world was missing out on enjoying their favorite dish stuck inside a tin can.

So, they went ahead and created this absolute monstrosity to feed the need of who I can only imagine are insane people.

Okay, putting aside my love for mac & cheese for a moment, let's seriously consider this product.

I mean, SpaghettiOs come in a can and people still love them. They were basically a staple of all our childhoods, and then also briefly our adulthood when we went off to college and discovered just how expensive real meals are.

So, who's to say that you can have your mac & cheese from a can, too?

The product is currently only available for purchase on Amazon.


There's not much we can tell about these from the product description: "A simple touch or two can make Heinz Macaroni Cheese even tastier. Heinz Macaroni Cheese. Made with a creamy cheese sauce."

It's not like we were expecting poetry but this description definitely leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions.

As it turns out, our British counterparts have been enjoying canned mac & cheese for awhile now.

In fact, according to the Heinz UK website, this "dish" is actually a favorite in Scotland, "loved by both adults and children alike." They even suggest adding sausage to spice up your macaroni eating experience.

The Amazon product actually ships from a British-based supermarket, possibly explaining why it's called "macaroni cheese" instead of "macaroni and cheese", or even "mac 'n' cheese."

Each can retails for about $3, plus shipping, which is only fair since it is coming from Britain after all.

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There are only two reviews online, with one complaining about an old price ("14 bucks for 1 can? Hahahahahahah!!!!!") and the other delivering all the sass and sarcasm this product warrants: "so delicious best quality just kiding its trash."

So, I guess if you're feeling extra adventurous you could give canned mac & cheese a try.

Or, if you're looking for something closer to home, Chef Boyardee actually offers canned mac & cheese, too. The online reviews of this one are pretty split with only 50 percent recommending the product. But I think we all knew trying mac & cheese from a can would always be a gamble.

h/t: Delish