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People Are Not Very Impressed With Martha Stewart's Impressive Scrambled Eggs Hack

When we think of Martha Stewart, we think of a woman who can do it all. From decorating homes, to gardening, to cooking and baking just about anything, and then decorating whatever she just cooked or baked, she is the definition of GOAT (greatest of all time) and MVP for all things lifestyle.

But her latest kitchen hack puts all of that into question. Martha, really girl?

We all know Martha Stewart is the queen, the GAWDess, the GOAT of all things entertainment, decor, cooking, baking, DIY, you NAME it.

There's virtually nothing the woman can't do!

Her whole shtick is about making the aforementioned activities more accessible for everyone.

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She has countless books, magazine spreads, and television shows under her belt that are essentially tutorials for the unequipped.

Usually people love and eat up (no pun intended) her tips and tricks, but her latest hack has people feeling some type of way.

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In a small video clip from The Food Network's Twitter page, Martha shows us "a very fun way to cook scrambled eggs..."

"...with a cappuccino machine."

Hold my cappuccino, please.

She confidently continues to whip up some eggs, salt, pepper, and butter into a glass mug, and then places this mixture straight into the steam wand on an espresso machine.

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She claims that this method steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs in just a matter of seconds.

She also adds that this method will be a great conversation piece in your kitchen.

Well, it sure sparked conversation, that's for sure!

People were not having this hack from the household hack queen.

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As an ex-Starbucks barista, this was also my first thought as I sat in shock and horror at what these gooey eggs would leave behind in the steam wand.

Yes Martha — everyone somehow just casually owns an espresso machine in their house.

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No one is going to specifically buy an espresso machine just to whip up eggs in two seconds.

I'll stick to my crusty old pan and spatula, thank you.

People also commented on the fact that the eggs didn't look too appetizing.

But, you let US know whether or not you think this is a genius hack or a major flop!