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Britney Spears Shares A Bunch Of Mirror Selfies After Fans Roast Her For Photoshop Fail

Guys, I am sad face emoji right now.

Poor Brit Brit just can't catch a break.

She recently posted some very obviously edited photos, and fans called her out for it.

She had some things to say in retaliation, though.

Britney recently had a run in with the paparazzi.

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See, she was angry because she claimed that their photos of her were edited to make her look bigger than she was.

"I look like I'm 40 pounds heavier than I am today," she said.

She was super unhappy with the beach photos taken of her.

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She did a whole Instagram story talking about how other celebrities photoshop their pictures, and how she's been accused of that.

She said: "And say that the pictures and videos that they’re posting are either not on time or they’re fake."

According to Britney:

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She's "skinny as a needle."

Does it break anyone else's heart that Britney is so afraid of looking anything less than skinny as a needle?

We as a society have some real work to do.

So she would never edit her own photos, right?

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Oof. This is awkward.

See, you can tell by the warping next to her waist that Britney used a liquification tool to pull her torso in.

So, basically, she absolutely photoshopped herself, and she didn't even do it well.

Well, fans noticed.

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Thanks to countless celebrity photoshop fails, fans are pretty wise to what edited pictures look like. Thank you, Kardashians!

That also memes — sorry, means — that the jokes practically write themselves. We of the internet love a good meme moment.

And Britney had something to say about THAT.

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In retaliation for all of the comments left on her original post, Britney posted a compilation of mirror selfies.

In the video, she moves and poses in a bunch of her usual selfie positions, showing off that it's all unedited.

She went through a bunch of outfits.

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Like a true diva, Brit Brit did a few outfit changes to give us a complete lookbook in her kitchen.

This one is my fave look, tbh, because that red just pops against the black top.

Some people were not feeling the video.

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Britney was carefree as she went through outfit after outfit, but her Instagram commenters didn't spare her feelings.

One simply said, "Too muscular," which is an insane thing to say. Britney, you look too strong.

Please, scale it back for this one random Instagram person, okay? Make sure you don't look too tough!

This one hurts.

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Like...maybe it feels a little true. It still doesn't need to be said, and I feel so bad for adding it, but that doesn't make it any less accurate.

What do you guys think?

Actually, most people were not feeling it.

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Another commented, "Alone, in your 40s, and modeling outfits in your kitchen for random strangers on social media. Go ahead haters, hate lmao"

Imagine saying that to someone's face. I truly can't fathom how hateful some people are.

Points...may have been made.

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Obviously, it's up to Britney to wear whatever she wants, but that blue and pink one...that was a choice.

It's kind of like her airline outfit from the "Toxic" music video, but mixed with a candy striper's.

The location confused some people.

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Which I do get, because Britney is having a fashion show in her kitchen (I think), but it's in front of a full-length mirror?

Guys, should we start putting mirrors in our kitchens?

But then...

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It also does look like a bathroom?

There's even what looks like toiletries on the counter, and the cupboards look more like a bathroom's.

I have no idea what's going on here.

These people need hobbies.

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"There’s something wrong with you. You are almost 40" Wrote another commenter.

If I look like her at 40, I will be the happiest woman on Earth. Imagine being that fit and strong? That's amazing.

Finally, some nice comments came in.

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I said thank you, supportive commenters!

Listen, I don't know what's going on in Britney's life, but the last thing she (or anyone) needs is to be ripped down repeatedly. These two get it.

Support her! Support her!

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My favorite part about this whole situation is that Britney only posted the video to taunt her haters, and then they did exactly what she thought they'd do.

It's really that easy, huh?

Kyara gets it!

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We stan positivity in this establishment!

The sad thing is that comments like this are few and far between. The rest of her post is flooded with people telling Britney how to act, dress, and even parent her kids.

A fashion icon? Yes.

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Would I wear what Britney does? No. Do I respect that she has her own style, and it's not always going to be my taste? Yes!

See, it's that easy. It really is.

A lot of people actually found this relatable.

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For those days when no outfit will do, you gotta just try them all on and hope the one you hate the least will work.

There were a couple of comments like this, which warmed my heart.

It might be this simple.

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As fun as it may be for some people to scroll the comments section and leave hateful comments, for others, it's just stupid af.

At the end of the day, Britney is in control of her wardrobe.

Okay, I will grant this premise.

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Two things can be true: Britney can look like she kinda still shops at the store I shopped at to try and look like Lizzie McGuire in 2005, and she can look good while doing it.

Everyone listen to Eliza. Right now.

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Quite a few celebrities have comments turned off on their Instagrams (take Taylor Swift, for example).

Even though Brit Brit probably won't do that, it's pretty good advice. It just sucks that people can't behave themselves enough to not be nasty.

The whole video is worth a watch.

The surreal trolling level here is not even quantifiable. She knows what she's doing, and she knows what reaction it will get.t

Maybe the reaction could be a little less negative next time, though?

To quote a very famous philosopher: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!"