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Agency Only Hires Models Over The Age Of 45 And Proves Beauty Has No Age Limit

We're all so used to seeing beautiful young models gracing the covers of top fashion magazines. It definitely skews our view of what it means to be beautiful inside and out.

But one Russian modeling agency is challenging the standards of the fashion industry by only hiring older models over the age of 45. And their campaigns are amazing.

This agency came out of a project that photographer Igor Gavar did for his blog.

He wanted to challenge society and the fashion industry by photographing retirees.

Even though this was just a part-time project at first now it has turned into an actual full-time job for Igor and his agency.

That sounds absolutely awesome to me.

He named his agency using a very cheeky name Oldushka.

Ha, ha, ha, that's pretty clever. And it's definitely very appropriate for that type of niche agency.

This agency is so unique because the majority of the models are over 60-years-old and only one male model is 45 years old.

That is so cool.

The agency's models are now very famous all over Russia with work coming from many advertising campaigns and fashion catalogs.

How wonderful is that? This is super to see.

This agency's motto is really to just refocus attention on people of more mature age instead of thinking that beauty is just reserved for the young and beautiful.

Loving it!

Thinking that older people are not able to advertise or promote products to their own age demographic is insulting.

But this agency is proving that this type of marketing works.

The more we all embrace other types of beauty the more opportunity there will be for agencies like this to become even more successful all over the world.

It's about time!

The agency's Instagram is already at over 60,000 followers, so that's proof enough that there are more people out there who enjoy seeing a variety of older models in campaigns.

It's about having more diversity in the modeling world.

Their wonderful pictures show that you don't have to be under a certain age to become a successful model and that there is a market for this type of content.

I really love the variety of shots this agency showcases on their awesome Instagram page because all of their pictures are happy, fun, light and positive in nature.

Such a contrast to how older people are usually portrayed.

And it's not just static campaigns that this agency develops to use their models.

There are also fashion shows and various fashion events that the models participate in.

I think that's a wonderful opportunity because, to be honest, the moment we accept aging and treat it as a beautiful thing it will become more acceptable in the mainstream.

Beauty isn't limited by age.

I'm really impressed by the work of this agency.

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It's definitely challenging old beauty standards and putting the fashion industry on notice. Beauty is for the young at heart.