Everything We Know About The Live-Action 'The Little Mermaid' So Far

Welcome, ladies and germs, to your official knowledge hub for all things The Little Mermaid.

At least, all your info for the live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Oh yeah, you better believe it.

Let's talk 'The Little Mermaid'.


With a new live-action Disney movie seemingly coming out every year, I can't wait for this one! The music, the characters, oh it's going to be a jam alright!

Well, here's everything we know as of now.

Awkwafina is playing Scuttle.

Disney | Instagram

Which is kind of a weird new spin?

I wonder how Awkwafina is going to handle playing a male seagull... unless of course, she plays a female seagull. What a twist!

Jacob Tremblay is playing Flounder.


Which is definitely a fit!

This kid is... well, a little kid, which is exactly how Flounder sounded in the original movie.

Rob Marshall is directing.


He's done a lot of musicals in his career, most notably Chicago, Mary Poppins Returns and Into The Woods.

That's two for Disney! They must really like this guy!

Songs from the original will return.


Which is always good.

I wonder if the new people they get to sing the songs (namely Sebastian, Ariel, and Ursula) will put their own spin on it as Will Smith did for Aladdin.

Alan Menken will compose.


This guy did the original score for a bunch of old Disney movies. Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast and, oh, how perfect.

He did it for the original The Little Mermaid as well.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is also helping with the music.


Which is always a good sign, especially after the music for Moana was so darn catchy.

He'll also probably be writing a couple of new songs, just like he did for Mary Poppins Retuns.

Marc Platt is producing.


This guy has produced a whole lot of stuff in his career.

However, two of the films he's produced have made it to get nominated for an Academy Award: Bridge of Spies and La La Land.

John DeLuca is as well.


John DeLuca has apparently collaborated frequently with director Rob Marshall, producing a bunch of his movies. Mary Poppins Returns, for one, but also Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Into the Woods.

David Magee wrote the script.


So this guy has worked with Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda before, as he wrote Mary Poppins Returns.

He also wrote the script for Life Of Pi, so he enjoys writing about the ocean, I guess.

Jane Goldman wrote a previous draft.


And we know we're in good hands when the person who wrote the earliest draft also wrote Kick-Ass, a bunch of X-Men movies and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Can you say action-packed?

Jessica Virtue and Allison Erlikhman are overseeing for the studio.


Jessica Virtue is one of the development producers for the upcoming Mulan movie, and Allison Erlikhman is a producer in an upcoming movie called Wouldn't It Be Nice.

Melissa McCarthy might be Ursula.


Which is a bummer, because I bet that Laverne Cox would be amazing in the role.

And what about Eric?


Well, some people want him to be deaf, however, it has come to my attention that Chris Evans has expressed at least some interest in playing the role.

I don't know about the age difference though, considering...

Our sweet Ariel has been cast!


Halle Bailey will be playing the princess!

People are so excited to see her perform!

So who is Halle Bailey?

Well, she was in this movie called Catwoman about fifteen years ago, and I think she won an Oscar for Monster's Ball?

What's that? Oh, excuse me, it seems I read the name wrong.

Halle Bailey not "Halle Berry"

Instagram | chloexhalle

This is why I get paid the big bucks people.

Anyways, Halle Bailey is part of an R&B group called Chloe x Halle, which has had some success over the years.


Instagram | chloexhalle

She's done some acting as well.

A few notable TV Shows and Movies include _Joyful Noise_where she played an OLPT Choir Member and House of Payne where she played a character named Tiffany.

There were rumors...

For months that Zendaya was going to play the role, however, it seems that Disney has opted to go with a lesser known celebrity for the part.

Don't worry Zendaya, they still have a bunch more Disney princesses to redo.

What do you think?


About the casting, the choice of director, everything!

I always like to hear opinions on subjects that aren't my own (shocking, I know) especially when it comes to Disney.

Talk people, talk!