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The 'Yard Bar' Will Bring A Pop-Up Bar To Your Backyard BBQ This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to throw an epic outdoor party, isn't it? But what would a party be without awesome food and plenty of booze?

If you're looking for a unique way to offer drinks to your guests you're going to love this pop-up bar idea. Read on below to get the deets.

This Philadelphia-based company is offering up a wicked rustic farmhouse bar set-up that will come to wherever you're throwing your party.

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Whether it's a wedding, birthday or corporate event, they have you covered.

It has everything you could ever need.

The Philly Yard Bar comes with high top tables, bar stools, beverage storage, ice wells, running water, dimmable lighting, sound system, 42" Smart TV, heaters, and a generator. Wow!

All you need to do is request your date online, supply the actual drinks and voilà you're ready to go.

They can also help decide how much booze you'll need.

And if you're looking to wow your guests with special drinks created just for your occasion, they can also guide you to create a unique party-ready drinks menu.

Who doesn't love a custom drink?

This pop-up bar is run by a husband and wife team Andy and Kerri Marin, who launched the 30-foot-long rustic Philly Yard Bar in 2018.

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Sounds like a dream job to me!

As I mentioned, the bar can pretty much travel anywhere for any type of party.

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It’s even been on top of a boat. Wowza, that sounds pretty amazing to me.

This mobile bar is actually pretty spacious: the bar fits up to 40 of your guests on the elevated deck and interior, which spans 20 by 16.5 feet.

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It comes with chic wooden walls, elegant seating, and artful lights so it can provide a charming and rustic feel for your special event such as a wedding.

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I love a rustic-looking bar.

Your guests can stand and mingle or perch themselves atop wooden bar stools set around high-top tables.

They can also enjoy watching a flat-screen TV and listen to a professional sound system.

And get this, this bar can be set up no matter what the weather has in store because of its retractable awning.

So even if it's raining you're good.

This pop-up bar would also be an awesome idea for a Christmas party as it's equipped with heaters so you can stay warm and cozy even in winter.

Time to cozy up with a drink!

Find this bar in a city near you.

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The Philly project has been going so well the couple has now expanded The Philly Yard Bar to other cities such as New York and Florida and hopefully more soon.

If you’re interested in renting one for your event, get in touch with the team on their website.

Set-up prices typically range between $1200 and $1800. Not too shabby.

This cool rustic pop-up mobile bar idea sounds absolutely amazing to me.

I would totally consider it for my upcoming wedding or a special milestone birthday celebration. How about you?