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You Can Easily Grow Your Own Avocado Tree For Only $20 Thanks To Amazon

I love the idea of growing a fruits and vegetables garden at home. Not only do they provide easier access to healthy foods you always eat and the cutest aesthetic to your backyard, but they're also super sustainable and help with waste reduction.

You can now easily add an avocado tree to your home garden, and it's surprisingly simple to do thanks to a DIY kit from Amazon.

This kit is called the AvoSeedo.


All of its components help you easily grow your very own avocado tree right in your very own home.

It's super easy to gain a green thumb from this kit — all you need is your own avocado pit.


So, it essentially requires you to eat at least one avocado, which isn't a bad gig at all in my eyes.

For only $20, this kit is pretty cost-effective in the long run.


With this kit, you can have nutritious food right at your fingertips without having to head to the supermarket.

It definitely looks a lot nicer than a DIY toothpick contraption and it becomes a trendy house plant all on its own.


Think you've got what it takes to make your very own avocado tree? Check out the kit here!

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