7+ Celebs With Embarrassing Myspace Pages They Probably Wish Never Existed

Before we started writing embarrassing prepubescent Facebook statuses and uploading entire photo albums riddled with unnecessary peace signs, dedicated to a single trip to the mall with your friends, a little something called Myspace existed — and it was even more embarrassing.

Celebrities — they're just like like rest of us. Kind of.

Even the rich and famous were once new to social media — making the awkward rookie mistakes we're all so painfully familiar with.

Long before the era of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there was a little something called Myspace.

Everybody and their mothers had a profile. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But the era of Myspace was a time before people were warned that everything they post online is fairly irretrievable.

Screenshots weren't really a thing yet.

Among the millions of Myspace users were a ton of celebrities.

At the time they weren't exactly celebrities — so, maybe they weren't quite as careful about the things they were posting on the web.

Tom Hardy.


Tom Hardy, starting us off strong!

This photo is the epitome of what f-boys looked like before we had an official term for them. These are the kinds of selfies they took.

Very disappointed in you, Tom. I thought you were better than this.

I mean, he really gave zero effs.


As disturbing as this is, I actually respect it.

He was living his best life, posting whatever the hell he wanted to.


Taylor Swift.


I know most teenagers go through a bit of an emo, side-swept, edgy phase. But this is the last look I'd ever expect to see T-Swift rocking.

(Don't worry, it was a costume for her stint on CSI

The brown paper bag, the spelling bee champion t-shirt, and the duck face are more than I can bear to look at.


This had to be Taylor Swift's peak awkward phase — tied with her emo phase, of course.

Lana Del Rey.


Here's a fun little fact; Lana Del Rey's real name is Elizabeth Grant — and that's what her stage name was long before she landed on Lana Del Rey.

Ariana Grande.


Before Ari's classic high ponytail came into the picture, she was apparently, into ball gowns, tiaras, and converse sneakers.

Very interesting combo, I'll admit.

Zayn Malik.


Zayn seriously glowed up. A lot.

But nonetheless, I have to ask, why take a selfie with a Mcdonald's paper bag? Was he trying to brag about his high metabolism? Did he just genuinely think this was a good photo?

Harry Styles.


This is just so pure.

I would have never made my profile photo one of me and my parents.

This is the definition of innocence.

Niall Horan.


First of all, I'd like to just point out that Niall looks way too young in this photo to have been given social media privileges.

Second of all, he looks adorable.

Katy Perry.


Can we just take this in, please?

No one should ever say "my main steeze" in any sentence, ever.

Some things never change though. We know she loves dressing up for themed events.

This is an early 2000s aesthetic, if I've ever seen it.


The purple text and the Mika album art is what really puts it over the edge.

Lady Gaga.


FYI, this was pre "Just Dance" Gaga — when she was deeply submerged in her futuristic disco-pop phase.

Great times.

Her bio section was extremely comprehensive.


Honestly, this might be overkill.

I refuse to read a social media bio that's longer than two lines. Sorry, not sorry, Gaga.

The Jonas Brothers.


It's no surprise that the Jo Bros had a Myspace account for their band. But they definitely could have chosen a less cringey photo of themselves standing in V-formation.

Nick crossing his arms is the cherry on top, tbh.

Nicki Minaj.


Okay, this isn't that embarrassing — it's actually pretty cute.

But it's definitely wild to see what Nicki Minaj's brand looked like before she became wildly famous.

Kim Kardashian.


The worst part about this one is that she named herself "Princess Kimberly".

I physically just recoiled trying to say that out loud.

Kendall Jenner


I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. This filter is not cute. It's actually kinda scary looking.

What is cute, however, is that her URL was "horsegirl".

Kylie Jenner.


Nothing like a classic Macbook webcam filter to start you off on your social media journey.

We've all been there, amirite? I had a sepia obsession for all of the seventh grade.

Well, that's enough internet for me today.


That was an overwhelming amount of secondhand embarrassment. My face might actually be stuck in the cringing position indefinitely.