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12+ People Share The Craziest ‘Oh HELL No’ Experiences They’ve Survived

They say that you should always trust your gut, even if sometimes that odd unsettling feeling deep within you seems to alert you of danger when everything seems fine.

My friend and I once decided to cut through a park in the middle of the night while we were coming back home from getting ice cream, and we saw the word NO spray painted in red on a garbage can at the park's entrance. We both knew it was a sign from the universe, but stupidly decided to ignore it, and shortly after came face to face with a coyote. Moral of the story? When something feels off, get the heck outta there.

The people of the internet recently took to Reddit to share their most harrowing stories of times where they managed to survive the craziest events.

I've seen some wild stuff in my day, but every single one of these stories gets a big old HELL NO from me thank you very much.

Driver's Ed

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"I got into a car with a friend and did not realize she was very high," one user writes, "Until she almost killed us blowing through a red light. Made her pull over and I drove us home. Suspended license or not I was not ready to die like that."

Scorpio Season

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"Worked at a coffee shop, one of the baristas was cleaning the bathroom. Hear her literally yell, 'Eeep!'" explains one guy, "She comes to get me, saying I need to take care of a weird looking spider. I love bugs, and get kind of excited to catch and release the 'weird looking' spider outside. Walk into the bathroom and it's not a spider. It's a scorpion."

Grey's Anatomy

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"I was in the ER very very ill from pneumonia," this woman explains, "After about an hour and a max of 10 people in working on me at once, I had an IV in each arm and everyone left. I was completely alone.

"Whoops, turns out I'm allergic to one of the antibiotics. By the time I noticed, my hands and wrists were too swollen to hit the call nurse button and so I was just flailing my sausage arms at the equipment as hard as I could (not very) until someone came to check on me.

"It took the staff maybe 30s to figure out what was wrong with me once they came in, but it was some of the longest 30s of my life."

Home Alone

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"Was watching tv, sitting on my couch when I saw the silhouettes of three me, one with a gun drawn, walking up to my door," one user shares, "They knocked on my door. I didn’t respond and sat there with my crappy little shot gun.

"They started knocking loudly, I guess to make sure if anyone was home? Then they started to pry open the door with a crowbar.

"I called the police, but by the time they arrived, the dudes were gone. The men who were trying to break in were standing next to a broken window the entire time."

Cab Driver

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"I was home alone last summer and a taxi mini van backed into my driveway and three large men got out and started banging on my door," this girl writes, "I’m a 5’1 girl and they could have easily just carted me off. They were banging on my front door for about 10 minutes. I got even more freaked out when they started yelling my moms name and jiggling the door handle and looking in the windows."

Special Delivery

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"I work for a food delivery service and on one delivery I had to go about 2 miles down a one way road at about 10:30 pm," this guy explains, "I get to the address which is an abandoned home with no lights and the driveway is blocked off with boards and immediately the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

"The customer is nowhere to be seen but this group of four guys start crossing the street and walking towards the car. I got out of there so damn quick."

Snakes And Stones Never Broke My Bones

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I encountered a rattle snake 3 hours ago," one man writes, "At the gym when grabbing a plate. I full on saw my life flash before my eyes."

BBQ Season

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"Last week when I started the BBQ, went inside to grab the things, and came back out to see the entire grill and top of the tank entirely engulfed in flames," one user shares, "Apparently we had a leak we didn't notice. I managed to throw water on the tank and cut the flames asap so thankfully no real damage but I think I'm done BBQing for the year."

Nine Lives

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"Was out wading with my cast net to catch some mullet for fishing," this guy shares, "As I was out there a group of bobcats had congregated around my bucket of bait as some jumped out and they were eating them.

"I stayed out there for a good hour and they knocked over my bucket and ate all the mullet I already caught."

Flat Outta Luck

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"My mother and I had a flat tire on the interstate and no jack," one woman shares, "So we're sitting on the side on the interstate, hoping someone will see our flashers and pull over to help us.

"A car pulled over in front of us and a man got out of the car and started walking to us, never said hello, never smiled, never indicated in any way that he was friendly. He had a buck knife on his belt and as he got close to us, his hand went to that knife and he flipped the holster strap open.

"About that time a Jeep full of teenage boys stopped right in-between us and him. The boys piled out, helped us with the tire and that guy turned around and left without ever saying a word."

Pub Crawl

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"When I was about 11 I read a newspaper about a child rapist/murderer that got out of prison," this teen shares, "I was on the way home from school and I saw him sitting outside a pub. I ran faster than I ever have before that day."

Every Breath You Take

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"A few years ago I broke into an abandoned building complex (for photos) and the police knew I was inside," one comment reads, "They began shining the car light into the building to see if they could find me, or more likely scare me out.

I put my back to the wall, waiting for the light to go away, when I see it shine over a doorway to reveal someone standing there looking right at me. I’ve never run so fast in my life."

All Tied Up

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"Somebody knocking on my patio door in the middle of the night for five minutes straight," this woman shares, "The police recovered the guy’s backpack that was left in our backyard, & my mom said that she spotted some zip ties in there."


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"A shark yoinked my GoPro with its teeth," one man reveals, " To be fair, I was sticking it in his face while he was chilling in the blue. But it was still mad all the same."

Up In The Air

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"Saw the transmission oil pressure was indicating zero while I was in a helicopter," one comment reads, "No transmission oil means seized rotors soon, no auto rotating or anything. Make peace with your Gods, mortal.

"Luckily the pilot wasn't a piece of crap and he recognized it as a faulty gauge. Made the emergency landing all the same, but all was well."

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

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"I was sleeping on the floor by my window because it was hot and we didn't have AC," this man shares, " I remember waking up and seeing the green color of the sky and the eerie dead calm.

I woke the parents and was waking my sister when the sirens started. We just made it to the basement when the tornado hit. A few more seconds and we would have been in the rubble instead of in the basement."

Slippery Slope

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"Driving back from a campground called Kennedy fields in California we hit a patch of black ice and started heading towards towards the edge of a cliff, " this woman shares, "We were screaming and my buddy and I literally held hands like Thelma and Louise. Thankfully we stopped about 4 feet short in the dirt. About a 60 foot drop with no guard rail."


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"I did community service at the local hospital," one man writes, "One of my duties were to deliver the food menus early morning to EVERY patient so that meant starting my rounds around 5-6am.

I walked into a patients room and all the blinds were shut and the only light that lit the room came from the equipment she was hooked up to.I wasn’t sure if she was awake or not and so I announced myself and waited for a response.

With my back towards her, I hear her say, 'make sure they don’t follow you out.' I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around and saw that her eyes were still closed and quickly ran the out of there.

Lizzie McGuire

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"When I was in Mexico, I was staying on a decent-sized resort with a good amount of wildlife," one man explains,

"On my way out, at LEAST 30 lizards were lined up making all sorts of sounds at me, with their necks all flared up and shit. Also, at the resort they told us to stay on the trails, because of other potentially dangerous wildlife.

I was cornered by THIRTY of these things in nothing but wet shorts and sandals. How do you prepare someone for a situation like that?"


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"I went to a friends house once when I was younger," one woman shares, "When I entered it was dark and there was nothing on except a static TV."


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"The guitar hanging on my wall plucked a note at 2 am on Halloween morning," this user writes, "My grandpa passed away an hour before."

Stranger Danger

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"When I was in elementary school I used to live in the apartments and frequently played outside with my friends," this man shares, "One day we were playing near the apartment walls which separated the apartment complex from the alleyways when I heard a deep male's voice say something like 'hey, you come here' and it seemed like I was the only one that heard it out of my friends.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the wall and then decided to peek the other side (the bottom row of bricks had holes designed in them). and saw a pair of worn out white sneakers pointing right at my direction and this triggered my fight or flight instincts and I ran home. Never went near that wall ever again."

What Goes Up Must Come Down

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"I stepped into an elevator on the 8th floor of a hotel and hit the 10th floor button," this woman explains, "Right before the doors closed a group of at least 15 people jammed themselves in while I’m standing in the back corner. The elevator was rated for 10 adults.

Instead of going up, the elevator slowly started to go down. After half a floor, the elevator went into free fall for roughly two floors until the emergency cable caught."

Just Keep Swimming

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"When I was 10 or so, I woke up before everyone in the house (it was like 7am) and decided I would sneak into the pool. I was waist deep in the water before I saw the alligator on the other side of the pool."

Hotel California

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"Early one morning I was leaving a hotel and a man followed me to my car," this woman explains, "I jumped in quickly and locked the doors as my butt was hitting the seat. He knocked on my window and I let it down only about two inches. He tried his best to convince me I dropped a key in the parking lot and should get out and get it. It was a ploy and I knew it.

I finally looked him in the eye and said, 'No! Not me!.' He knew I meant that he wasn’t getting me. I left before he did and hurried to get onto the interstate. With heavy 5 lane traffic he came flying up behind me and then right before slamming into me he darted left between cars, almost causing an accident. I never stayed at that hotel again while traveling that route."

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