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An Instagrammer Went Bald After Using Relaxer And Bleach And Livestreamed It

It's not uncommon for Instagram stars or influencers to show their everyday lives to their followers, whether it be through pictures, videos, or livestreams. They often show the mundane parts of their lives, like what they eat, or maybe how they relax their hair.

But one Instagrammer didn't expect what would happen to her as she relaxed her hair after having just bleached it not long before — I think you know where this goes.

Lori, who goes by the Instagram handle @lorijfaith, is an Instagram user with a pretty large following.

Instagram | @lorijfaith

She's an 18-year-old from New York City, who sports pretty much all the colors of the rainbow on her head.

This means that she has to bleach her hair a lot.

Lori really knows how to rock rainbow hair.

Just a quick look at her Instagram account can give you insight into all the looks she has experimented with over the years.

For her latest makeover, she decided to try relaxing her hair to create finger waves.

However, she made a critical mistake: she had bleached her hair just days before. It is generally advised that people relax hair before coloring it, and wait a week in-between treatments to prevent complications.

Lori typically livestreams from her Instagram when she decides to change her hair.

"I’m always on Instagram Live whenever I’m doing something new to my hair..." she said in an interview with Buzzfeed News.

So, she took to Instagram again for this latest hair change.

YouTube | lori faith

She begins applying the hair relaxer and all seems to be going well.

Once her hair is completely covered with the relaxer, she begins combing it and that's when things go downhill for Lori.

YouTube | lori faith

Her hair begins falling out in chunks as she scrapes the comb over her scalp.

She was in complete shock and disbelief, immediately running for the bathroom to rinse her hair.

Of course, she brought her camera with her to document the whole thing.

"I'm literally bald!," she exclaimed, half laughing.

YouTube | lori faith

However, her laughter soon turned into tears as the initial shock settled.

When her friend shared the video on Twitter, Lori quickly went viral.

The video has over 80,000 re-tweets and was shared on platforms like Instagram and Reddit, as well.

People's reactions were a mix of horror and laughter.

One person pointed out that Lori had already been advised not to relax her hair during her last livestream.

Other people even shared their own hair disasters.

Let this be a lesson, people, if you're going to bleach or relax your hair, hire a professional to do it.

In a YouTube video, she explained to her audience what happened.

Instagram | @lorijfaith

She says that she initially had bleached her hair beforehand to be able to dye her hair blue, which she said already went poorly because the bleach burned her scalp.

She thought, "Why not relax it, Lori? Let's get those finger waves. Let's get that [expletive] straight."

Instagram | @lorijfaith

People warned her to not put relaxer on bleached hair, but she went ahead anyways.

While she expresses that she feels a bit insecure, her followers have been helping her feel better about the situation.

Instagram | @lorijfaith

"People have been making me feel better on my Instagram, like, lots of people," she said, explaining that the comments are making her feel more confident to rock her new bald head.

She posted a clip of her reaction on Instagram, which you can watch for yourself below:

She seems to be in high spirits regardless of the mishap, and to be honest, she is totally rocking a shaved head. But I'm sure she will be listening to her friends' advice from now on.

Despite some negative comments, many people did say that Lori can definitely rock a shaved head.

She's posted a number of photos since the incident and she is clearly rocking this new look. See? Every hair disaster has a silver lining if you have the right attitude.