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Christy Carlson Romano And Will Friedle Had A 'Kim Possible' Reunion And It Got Weird

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane?

Former Kim Possible co-stars Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle reunited 12 years after the series wrapped for a very special reason:

They made a Naco together! It got weird! Have questions? Great news: I have answers.

"Kim Possible" was one of the best Disney shows ever.

And if you disagree, that's fine. It's just that I know I'm right, so...we're at a standstill.

The show followed the adventures of Kim Possible, a crime-fighting teenager who juggled high school life with fighting supervillains.

The show starred Christy Carlson Romano as Kim (aka Ren Stevens in Even Stevens), and Will Friedle as Ron (aka Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World).

Where Kim made it possible, Ron made it, well, Stoppable.


Kim's best friend was Ron Stoppable. He had a pet naked mole rat named Rufus, which is the absolute perfect name for a naked Mole rat.

Kim and Ron's friendship eventually led to romance, because Disney. Duh.

Now, they've reunited!

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

Did you know Christy has her own YouTube channel? Called "Christy's Kitchen Throwback," she uses her channel to do cooking videos with a throwback twist.

Her first video of the throwback series featured she and Will reuniting to make a famous Kim Possible dish: The Naco!

Her introduction was adorable af.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

Christy kicked off the video by saying that Will was one of her favorite people in the entire world.

She listed off his filmography, too, and then brought him on to give him a hug!

She also fixed his mic, because friendship.

And the universe loves us, so they decided to make the Naco.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

For those that don't know, a Naco is exactly what it sounds like: a taco that is filled with nachos.

It was an iconic dish on Kim Possible, so naturally they were excited to make it.

First, a shopping list.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

Christy said, "And so, we're debunking any kind of — we know that there's some recipes out there, but this is the one that we're making, so—"

Will jumped in. "This is the Kim Possible Naco."

It's Official.

Next, preparing the ingredients.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

This included chopping onions, which made Christy cry.

Then, while preparing ground beef, Christy pulled out her phone so they could answer some pressing fan questions.

They also talked about LGBTQIA facts!

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

After a question about their favorite villains, Will brought up an interesting tidbit:

He was interviewed by a LGBTQIA podcast about how many believe that villains on the show, like Shego and Señor Senior, Junior, were gay!

"It became big in the gay community, which I thought was cool. Which I didn't know, either!"

And then it got weird.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

The next question: What's their favorite Kim Possible moment?

"My favorite moment is always the same! It's when Ron finally gets Kim, when they kiss!"

Christy then said, "Well, you guys asked for it. We're gonna recreate that scene."

This image of Will really says it all.

She pulled out some "Kim Possible" dolls.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

So...y'all already know this is gonna be awkward.

Will was very much against this, but not for the reason that you think.

"Do you really wanna open these? They're probably worth money!" Christy said she knew he was going to say that.

Then they...made them dance?

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

Christy busted out the song from the scene and actually sang it while they made Ron and Kim dance.

Yes, it was weird.

And to make it worse, this whole thing went on for a while.

Eventually, the dolls kissed.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

That was a really weird sentence to write.

It was even weirder to watch.

This is the kind of thing where the people doing it aren't embarrassed, but the second-hand embarrassment you get from watching it hurts your soul.

Anyway, so back to cooking.

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

While they prepared meat and all the fixings for the nachos, Christy declared that her homemade guacamole should be called "Christy-mole."

Will protested, of course, which did not faze Christy in the slightest.

And they let a secret slip!

YouTube | Christy Carlson Romano

They're doing another show together!

Both are now on the Big Hero 6 series. Christy voices Trina, and Will just joined the cast in a secret role!

They were both super excited about that revelation that Will revealed.

Check the whole video out:

It's hard to summarize 13 minutes, so here's the whole special!

Beware of the dolls, but keep an eye on how much fun they have together. It's clear Christy and Will are actual friends, which makes everything so much better!