10+ 'Supernatural' Plot Holes That Kept Us Up At Night

Yes, we all love Supernatural and with its final season on the way, we're really going to miss it.

However, there are a couple of plot holes in this otherwise perfect series.

The Colt


So, Samuel Colt’s Colt is the only weapon that can permanently kill a demon, but it was only used a couple of times and never heard from again after it failed to permanently destroy Lucifer.

Uh... why the heck didn't they use it again?

Dad or no dad?


So this one involves a lot of time travel, so pay attention kiddies.

At one point in the series, Dean travels back to 1973 where he meets a young John Winchester. One man at the diner says to John "Say hello to your old man for me".



In Season 8, Sam and Dean meet their grandfather who tells them he's a Man Of Letters and wants to travel back to 1958 so he can be their father's... father.

However, Abaddon kills him, so he remains absent.

So... who was that guy in 1973 talking about?

Where is Garth?


After finding out that the Men of Letters are killing all the werewolves, Dean calls up Garth to warn him and finds he's safe.

But that was in Season 12. Is he still alive or what?

Family Matters


Except for when it comes to Adam, screw that guy.

He sits around in Hell’s Cage, and no one comes to save him. In fact, when Dean is given the option between saving him and Sam, he chooses Sam without hesitation.

Poor Adam.

Spirits always turn vengeful


Yeah, except when they don't.

They made a huge deal of destroying everything that Bobby owned in order to get him to move on before he became a poltergeist, however, they met a very friendly ghost in the episode titled "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo".

The Fairies


So, once you're captured by the fairies, they mark you and never stop looking for you. Also, you can see them in the real world forever now.

However, Dean only sees them for one episode, and they never pursue him at all.

Angel Power


The ultimate power of the angels apparently changes when the plot needs it too. They can end people in a snap, but Lucifer lets Mary get real close to him for some reason.

Only angels can use angel blades, except when others can too. The list goes on.



The rules about vessels are also pretty screwy.

At one moment, Dean and Sam are destined to be Lucifer and Michael’s vessels, but actually no wait a half-brother will do.

Vessels (CONT)


Some vessels can be taken over whenever others need to be asked whether or not the want to become one.

It's all so darn inconsistent!

What happened to Jesse Turner?


Wasn't he supposed to be the Anti-Christ? The boy destined to help Lucifer in his crusade against heaven?

Well, he appears once in a season 5 episode and then is never heard from again.



So death wants Dean to kill Sam because he doesn't want darkness to overtake the world, yadda yadda yadda. However, Death tells Dean before that humans are nothing but bacterium to him.

So why the heck does he even care?

What Destiny?


I swear, the Winchesters are given like four different "destinies" throughout the show. First, they're supposed to be vessels in a world-ending battle between heaven and hell.

Next, they're supposed to help Azazel free Lucifer from the Cage. And there's even more after that!

The Leviathans


These things are built up to be God's first creations, one of the finest creatures ever created.

They're supposed to be these unstoppable wolves yet, they get destroyed by the Winchesters like they're freakin' sheep!

Sam, Dean, and Castiel won't die


They just won't stay dead! I think they have "main character syndrome".

Every time these guys sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world, they always return a couple of episodes later. Kind of takes the stakes out of things, doesn't it?