10+ Rules Contestants On 'Survivor' Have To Follow To Stay In The Game

What? I always thought the only rule on Survivor was to... well, survive.

Well, color me surprised, I guess these are the rules that the Survivor contestants have to follow!

1. Outfits...


So, the survivors are allowed one or two outfits on the show, that's fine.

However, the producers have a say in what they bring. No colors that will clash with the camera, and no logos.

2. No Showering


And, of course, there are some limits to the personal hygiene they're allowed on the show.

The only things they're allowed are medications, birth control, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Uh... toilet paper?

3. Food


Obviously, the contestants aren't allowed to bring any food, however, they're given a bag of rice at the beginning.

After that, they mostly have to survive off what the island gives them.

4. No info Leaks


Everyone must sign a non-disclosure agreement not to talk about the show until it airs.

Mostly so it isn't spoiled for everyone else who hasn't seen it yet.

5. Some Luxury Items Are Allowed


While toothbrushes and razors are no-gos, people can bring some special items if the producers allow it.

One example is when Colby Donaldson brought his Texas flag for every season that he appeared.

6. Voted Out Members...


Ever wonder what happens to people who get voted off the island? They go home, right?

That's what the host says every time they lose "I'm sorry, but you'll be going home"? Right?



Most of them become the jury that helps pick the winner in the end.

All of them go to a nearby resort where they stay on paid vacation for weeks on end. Not a bad deal!

7. Water


In earlier seasons, contestants had to boil their water in order to drink it.

Nowadays, however, the producers supply them with drinkable water. Because, you know, humans need it to survive.

8. Restricted Areas


While contestants usually go off into the jungle to mess around and make alliances, there's only so far they can go before the producers stop them.

Oh yeah, they have limits.

This is because...


The producers don't want people discovering the enemy camp and the secret crew camp (which of course has marshmallows and water slides).

So, you're confined to a small area during your stay.

9. Jury Member's Speeches


In the end, the jury members are permitted to give a speech to the final contestants.

While it may seem very ad-libbed, but actually the speeches are really well rehearsed!

10. The Crew Must Always Be Present


Being a reality TV Show, the crew needs to be around as long as possible in order to catch every single moment.

So, that means they'll be at your side 24/7.

This means...


That they'll be around literally 24/7. It even says in the contract:

"whether they are clothed, partially or fully nude. Additionally, contestants may talk to the cameramen, though they will not talk back."

11. Must Build Shelters


In earlier seasons, the producers would give the contestants tools in order to figure out how they're even going to build a shelter.

In recent years, however, they were only supposed to use what they found around themselves.

12. Fire Rules


Contestants often have to make fire in order to... well, survive, but there are a couple of rules associated with the very dangerous substance known as "fire".

For starters...


In the earliest seasons, contestants were supposed to make fire without flint or matches.

If they couldn't, they had to wait for a challenge to win flint. And this rule hasn't changed at all.

13. Abide By The Laws


This one may seem a little obvious, but literally, the first rule on people's contracts, when they go on Survivor, is that they have to abide by both US and local laws.

That Means...


No killing, no assault, no theft, no driving blindfolded (if you're from Alabama) and if you're a donkey, you're not allowed to sleep in a bathtub (yes, that's an actual law from Arizona).

14. Medical History


The producers of Survivor have to make sure you're in tip-top shape if you're going to compete in this high-stress game, so contestants have to disclose their medical history.

That includes admitting to having been, or that you currently are, a donkey.

15. Responsibilty


One of the biggest things that the show wants to stress is that contestants are responsible for their own actions.

Which means, if they're a jerk on the show and people hate them, it's not the producer's faults.