10+ Things Behind-The-Scenes From 'Storage War's That Will Leave You Floored

So now we're going to go behind the scenes of one of the greatest shows on TV: Storage Wars.

And I'm not kidding, either, this show was like a religion to me when I was younger.

1. People Have Said It's Rigged.


Uh... Duh?

Oh, I mean, what? Dave Hester came out and said that the show was rigged? And the producers didn't deny it? Oh wow! Gosh, I'm so very surprised by this revelation!

2. Jarrod's Been To Prison


Oh, he's an outlaw, alright. He served 16 months in jail for various misdemeanors.

Misdemeanors that include: DUI, possession of a controlled substance and narcotics offenses. That's one bad, bad man!

3. How Jarrod Got Into Storage Hunting


Back in the day, Jarrod used to work at his aunt's storage facility, which is how he got into the hobby in the first place.

Nowadays, it's more than a hobby, it's a career.

4. One Cast Member Committed Suicide


Tragically, cast member Mark Balelo was found dead in 2013.

His death was due to carbon monoxide poisoning in an apparent suicide. The reason why he took his own life was unknown...



Days before the suicide, Mark had been arrested for methamphetamine possession.

He had also been arrested and charged a couple of times before for the same crime in 2007. Could that have contributed?

5. Barry's Start


One of the cast's most flamboyant members actually got his start selling fruits and vegetables.

He spent most of his life selling wholesale foods to restaurants, hotels and cruise ships.

6. Barry Uses Legal Marijuana


Are you even surprised? Like of all people on the show to be a card-carrying legal marijuana user, you would've guessed Barry, right?

Well, maybe him or Jarrod, considering his crimes.

7. Laura and Dan met in the most perfect of places


Dan was working the auctions when Laura spotted him and instantly knew he was the man she was going to marry.

And now look at them! The auctioneer dream team!

8. Dan Nearly Died


Back in 2014, Dan was given a very slim chance of surviving a double brain aneurysm.

Luckily for everyone, the auctioneer survived the surgery and was back on his feet within a week.

9. Darrell almost quit


Which would've been a shame because he's one of, if not the best character.

What was it over? Well, think. What are these things usually about? That's right, it was over a pay dispute.

10. Brandon Didn't Feel Appreciated


After his father almost quit, the studio axed his son.

Apparently, the studio fired him due to budgetary constraints. He sent out a series of tweets explaining how he didn't feel appreciated, etc, etc.

11. One time, a fight broke out.


Oh yeah, storage hunting can get super heated.

This fight, in particular, was between Dan and Dave Hester, who pointed out a mistake Dan had made. Then whap! Dan smashed Dave in the face.

12. Kevin's Son


Kevin Pew, who starred in the Storage Wars Miami spinoff, had a son that was charged for murder.

At a viewing party, Hashim Pew apparently shot a family friend. Guess the episode wasn't very good.

13. Brandi Sued A Porn Site


The site, which is called Is Anyone Up? was sued by the star after they posted a fake clip of her.

She only got $750 though, which really stunk.

14. The Producers Paid For Brandi's Boob Job


Is it bad that I have no complaints here?

Sorry. I'm a professional, I swear. Apparently, Dave Hester said on his tirade about the show that the producers did so in order to make the show racier.