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Keep Your Succulent Game Strong With These Extremely Cute Micro Succulents

There is something about succulents that just makes millennials and plant lovers scream and run to their local plant store to scoop them up. I don't know if there's a science or witchcraft behind it, but they do seem to just make a room and mood that much better.

As if we couldn't get enough of the tropical plants, there are now the teeniest tiniest succulents on the market, and I need them all.

These mini succulent planters are brought to you by the Etsy shop Tierra Sol Studio.

Etsy | TierraSolStudio

The shop is based in North Carolina by Seana and Yair.

They understand how hard it is to take care of plants and wanted to provide some options for those who kill plants easily (a.k.a me).

They are actually so cute they make my eyes water.

Etsy | TierraSolStudio

You can get so many different varieties of tiny succulents and planters, including these colorful ones.

These succulents are supposed to be low maintenance on purpose.

Etsy | TierraSolStudio

They started the shop because they couldn't keep their plants alive.

I really feel like they are speaking to me.

Their succulents only need one teaspoon of water a month.

Etsy | TierraSolStudio

They also chose succulents that thrive in both low sunlight and extreme sunlight.

If you think you've got this and can care for a micro succulent, check out their shop for yourself here.

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